The Business of Education

All businesses have to measure outcomes and results in order to continue doing business.

But what if your business is education?

TheSmarterCity's multiple school systems once suffered from the inefficiency

of separate management processes, wasting precious resources.

By finding smart ways to integrate the systems,

share information and use data to make better decisions,

TheSmarterCity can offer citizens opportunities not just for a great education

and skill development, but for a lifetime of learning.

Beginning in primary school, accessible educational materials,

open learning environments and student performance analytics

provides a customized learning experience designed around students

and their teachers – giving them the tools they need to succeed

in an information-based society.

These smarter classrooms run on a dynamic infrastructure that is flexible,

interconnected and predictive.

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The Smarter Classroom

Teachers in a smarter classroom can engage students wherever they are

on whatever device they might have – home computers,

cell phones, mp3 players, even inexpensive

internet-based thin clients or netbooks.

Student progress can be tracked against benchmarks

mapped to national and local standards.

Real-time student data from test scores, assignments and attendance records

helps teachers identify individual needs, learning styles

and recommended coursework.

Each student is enabled to reach her potential.

In TheSmarterCity, teachers, parents and students can know how well

they're doing at all times (not just test times)

and can make adjustments accordingly.

Administrators can use this information to make smarter decisions

for their school systems.

Every year, whether through promotion or a family move,

40% of TheSmarterCity's students change schools.

Because student information is stored electronically

and is accessible by the entire education system,

school administrators can exchange data and collaborate with each other.

A student's records, progress, test scores and achievements can travel with her,

so her education can be more seamless and consistent

– even across different school systems and campuses.

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Optimized Education

University research, a critical ingredient of economic and scientific development,

is dependant upon significant computing power.

TheSmarterCity's universities use cloud-based virtualization technologies

to centrally manage high performance computing resources,

run software and perform upgrades.

This means less money gets spent on IT maintenance and more is available

for teaching and creating innovation through research.

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Lifelong Learning

Just because a student is out of school doesn't mean she should stop learning.

Open platforms make it possible for people to receive learning services

from any education provider so when the time comes to look for a new job

and the job after that, citizens can keep their skills current

and valued by potential employers.

As we grow older, smarter computers and software can be designed

to match a lifelong student's changing abilities.

Life in a smarter city isn't all about work.

It's about living too. A smarter city protects and promotes

its cultural heritage – so everyone can learn more about their history,

their art, their place in the world.

In a smart education system, we should always be learning

- from grade school to college to workforce development to personal enrichment.

In TheSmarterCity, every experience is a learning opportunity.

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