The City is Growing

To thrive a city needs to grow.

City leaders all over the world have to consider factors related to demographics,

globalization, environmental concerns, societal relationships,

social stability and technology.

TheSmarterCity is no exception.

But businesses, like people, have choices on where they locate.

The question is... Why would a business choose to move to your city?

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Choosing a Town

Different businesses have different requirements.

Does the city have good transportation systems?

Is it close to a port?

Does it have good railways and highways?

Does it attract and facilitate commerce?

How expensive is energy?

Is it a safe city?

Are government services readily accessible and convenient?

Are businesses accessible to all people, including those with disabilities?

Does the city provide affordable and reliable broadband service?

Are telecommuting options available?

Can businesses source, manufacture and distribute goods in a sustainable manner?

Can it provide a strong and skilled workforce?

Are there good job opportunities?

How happy will the employees be?

Clearly, it's a lot to consider.

And it's not enough just to offer these things.

How does the city measure them, benchmark them and set priorities for future growth?

Understanding the relationships between these crucial areas

can help city leaders better understand what makes their city attractive – is it the culture,

the parks, education systems, population growth

– all of these things can be presented to potential businesses

as part of a smart city's unique "brand".

So their new home makes them feel right at home.

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Open for Business

And once they arrive in TheSmarterCity, we want to make it easy for them to do business.

In TheSmarterCity, instead of going to different government agencies to get permits,

the government comes to you over the internet.

Forms can be downloaded, filled in and uploaded in a fraction of the time of pen and paper records,

cutting down on errors, duplicated efforts and most importantly, time.

A vibrant, healthy city attracts new businesses and sustains those already present.

Which only makes TheSmarterCity more attractive to more new businesses.

New people bring new experiences, new expertise and new revenues.

TheSmarterCity is open for business. Your city could be too.

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