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Data is a Game Changer

Data is a Game Changer.

In both business and sports, IBM is changing the game.

On the court. In the stands. At the pro shop. Everywhere you look in sports, there's data. Data that can provide insight into the performance of tennis players. Predict and prevent injury on the rugby pitch. And help a football stadium create a better fan experience.

Explore this site to learn about IBM's solutions and success stories, and how you can use data to make your business work smarter.

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What can business learn from sport?

In this series of article IBM expert provide examples of where the analytics we use to bring sport to life for fans also help business.

IBM and the four Grand Slams™

IBM’s dedicated team of IBM experts partner with all four tennis Grand Slams. The same sophisticated solutions that enhance the fan experience also provide a vital resource to the media, coaches and players.

Game, set and perfect match. Wimbledon and IBM

IBM are using analytics to bring millions of data points captured at The Championship vividly to life, giving fans around the world much greater insight into the competition and a richer experience during every match.

Case study

Brockenhurst College

Brockenhurst College are to transform student experience through personalised education using IBM Smarter Education Technologies hosted on the Cloud.

Rugby Insights featuring IBM TryTracker - RBS Six Nations 2015

Rugby Insights

Get the story behind England vs. France, the final match of the RBS Six Nations 2015. Insights provided using IBM TryTracker with analysis and banter from Matt Dawson and Mark Durden-Smith.

Four seconds - The 2014 Wimbledon story

Four seconds - The 2014 Wimbledon story

How IBM Interactive Experience serve up an immersive Wimbledon experience to fans around the world.

Wimbledon: Tennis made with IBM Cloud

Wimbledon: Tennis made with IBM Cloud

Wimbledon uses IBM Analytics' data visualisation tools to provide realtime score and statistical data so that tennis fans know what's happening and why.

Leicester Tigers

Predictive analytics helps a popular English rugby union club sidestep injury.

Rugby Football Union

RFU Partnership video

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) and IBM have announced a strategic five year agreement. As Official Analytics Partner for the RFU, IBM will implement a leading analytics solution to provide fans with realtime insights into the game, including information about individual performance by players – the IBM TryTracker.

Waratahs use IBM Analytics to predict player injuries

Waratahs use IBM Analytics to predict player injuries

IBM is the club's Technology Partner, and its analytic technology will predict the likelihood of a particular player being injured. This information then enables the NSW Waratahs coaching team to adapt and modify each player's personalised training programme to maximise their training load and minimise their risk of injury.

Rugby Football Union

Rugby Football Union

The Rugby Football Union uses predictive analytics to drive fan engagement.

Sport as a metaphor for business

Sport as a metaphore for business

IBM’s partnership with the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon shows it can deliver complex realtime data solutions to a global audience. The Championships showcase IBM's ability to process and analyse huge amounts of data in realtime, and also what can be achieved with its cloud services, data analytics and social media sentiment tracking.

Game Changers Blog

Game Changers Blog

IBM analyses data from all across all the sports properties it works with to find the insights behind the games. Check out our blogs to find some thought provoking content to share.