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IBM for Midsize BusinessSolutions for a Smarter Planet.

In this globally integrated economy, midsize businesses need to take advantage of emerging opportunities.
We've created specific products and solutions designed to help growing companies like yours work more productively and profitably to succeed on a smarter planet.

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

IBM Hosted Vulnerability Management Service

IBM Hosted Vulnerability
Management Service

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager

IBM Storwize V7000

IBM Storwize V7000

IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

When is a "free" file transfer actually quite expensive?

A critical rush order never gets filled. A time-sensitive payment disappears into the ether. A security breach paralyses the company. For organisations that rely heavily on file transfers for their success, these are costly business failures. Yet they happen all the time. The trouble is, many existing file transfer systems are built on other network protocols like FTP. Though free of charge, they were never designed for reliably delivering large, secure files.


Reliable file delivery. Reduces failure rate over FTP, enabling critical business processes to continue without interruption.

Data security & compliance. Proprietary protocol and user authentication controls access to data, network and system resources. Complete audit trail helps ensure compliance.

Business growth. Allows for high volumes and large files in scalable configuration that provides secure file transfers as needs grow.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct™ now offers a smarter way for midsize businesses. It's a point-to-point solution, optimised for high-volumes. It effortlessly and reliably delivers files across multiple platforms and disparate file systems. It's also highly scalable and very easy to deploy. Set it up and it just works.

Assess the risk of using FTP for your business


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  • Discover how to improve file transfer reliability and security while reducing costs

    Discover how to improve file transfer reliability and security while reducing costs

    Companies depend on moving data files. Optimum file transfer requires security, reliability, automation, visibility and control. Can your file transfer solution do all that?

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  • FTP Risk Adviser

    FTP Risk Advisor

    Since FTP is shipped with most operating systems, it appears to be zero cost choice for file transfer, however, hidden costs and failed processes add up quickly. And the potential security risks expose your data and your brand. Take 5 minutes to find out how exposed your company may be due to FTP and get recommendations for improvement.

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  • MFT Benefit Calculator

    MFT Benefit Calculator

    How much is FTP is really costing you? Answer these questions to generate a customised savings report that provides insight into areas of potential cost savings and recommendations for efficiencies.

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  • See the full portfolio of IBM Solutions

    See the full portfolio of IBM Solutions

    Powerful, affordable solutions expressly designed to help midsize companies improve efficiency, do more with less, accelerate ROI and seize new opportunities faster.

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IBM Business Partners

IBM Business Partners Driving Results video
IBM Business Partner

IBM Business Partners Driving Results

With the help of IBM, Business Partners are driving results for their clients on a Smarter Planet. IBM Business Partners now have access to more resources and opportunities than ever before.

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IBM and MSPs Launching new partnerships video
Business Partner

Fuel Innovation on a Smarter Planet: Learn how IBM Business Partners Help Midsize Businesses

See how IBM Business Partners and IBMers are working together to help midsize companies work smarter and to solve business problems, not just IT issues.

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IBM Sterling Connect:Direct video

Video: Managed File Transfer:

Organisations depend on the reliable movement of files, from batch integration, to the movement of large images or catalogs, to the synchronisation with remote locations. In this new era of rigorous security and shorter processing windows, Sterling Connect:Direct is the point-to-point file transfer software optimised for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within and among enterprises.

Synchronise your value chain with IBM Managed File Transfer video

Synchronise your value chain with IBM Managed File Transfer

Think about it. There were $93 billion in lost sales last year due to out of stock inventory alone. That needs to change. Companies need to ensure that every part of their value chain is synchronised and working together seamlessly to add value to their offerings while avoiding losses. Learn how managed file transfer can help synchronise your value chain.