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Roland-Garros 2014

In both business and sports, IBM is changing the game.

On the court. In the stands. At the pro shop. Everywhere you look in sports, there's data. Data that can provide insight into the performance of tennis players. Predict and prevent injury on the rugby pitch. And help a football stadium create a better fan experience.

Explore this site to learn about IBM's solutions for Roland-Garros and how you can use data to make your business work smarter.

29 years at Roland-Garros

A summary of continuous innovation with Roland-Garros.

Dans le sport comme dans les affaires les donnees changent la donne.
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Social Media at Roland-Garros

What are the topics that online fans discuss during the tournament ? How can we better understand the online fan experience?

Social Media Analytics browses online communities including Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums to help the FFT analyze social media sentiment and activity focused on the tournament.

IBM and the 4 grand Slams

Learn about what IBM is doing with the 4 grand slams Learn more on

Data and predictive analytics transform the experience.

 IBM SlamTracker™ is a real-time stats and data visualisation platform that leverages IBM's predictive analytics technology.

IBM SlamTracker™ is a real-time stats and data visualisation platform that leverages IBM's predictive analytics technology.

IBM SlamTracker™ analyses over eight years of Grand Slam data (over 41 million data points), to identify patterns in players and their styles. Before each match, IBM analyzes historical matches between the players or between players of similar styles if the players in question have not met before). This analysis identifies key performance indicators—what players need to do in order to do well in a match—known as 'Keys to the Match'. During the match, each player's performance is measured against their keys and updated in real time on, providing fans with a deeper level of insight as the match unfolds.

Roland-Garros 2014 - From match highlights to business insights

When you have a 28-year partnership like IBM® and Fédération Française de Tennis, you have many years of data to uncover hidden tendencies. Recognise strengths. See the game more clearly. For Roland-Garros 2014, IBM is using the same analytics that transform businesses in order to provide fans with a unique vantage point of the game.

Behind the scene tour with IBM at Roland-Garros. IBM

Roland Garros 2014 Customer Case

Cloud Computing at Roland-Garros

Each year during Roland Garros, IBM cloud technology enables the French Tennis Federation to scale its infrastructure to meet the demands of a global audience for the critical two-week period. IBM has been increasingly leveraging this Private Cloud since 2008, using a highly virtualized, optimized and dynamic infrastructure.

In 2014 at Roland Garros, IBM uses analytics to dynamically manage the cloud infrastructure.

More security

In 2014, new security solutions provide a single unified view of all security events and real time analytics to rapidly identify and correlate targeted attacks.

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