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IBM & Roland-Garros: 32 years of innovation

Claire Herrenschmidt, Head of Sports Partnerships at IBM France, gives a 30 second heads-up of IBM’s technological contribution to Roland-Garros - always at the forefront of innovation.

IBM enhances the digital fan experience at Roland-Garros

Discover our tutorial that explains the essential elements that IBM has brought to the tournament of Roland-Garros for an unmatched digital fan experience.

IBM Studio Paris helps the FFT enhance fan experience!

Mathieu Gras, Director of Data and Client Experience at the French Tennis Federation, talks about his recent experience at a Design Thinking Workshop, working on enhancing fan experience at Roland-Garros.

Behind the Scenes Tour at Roland-Garros

Watson Analytics

Predictive analytics and data visualization built for you!

Analyze your data in minutes on your own without downloading software. No need to be a specialist, ask your questions in natural language.

Watson for Cyber Security

Improve your defences and protect your assets more efficiently with a security solution that understands, reasons and learns.

Unlock the power of cognitive security to uncover new insights and rapidly respond to threats.

“Hello, I’m Gary” with Watson

Create your virtual agent to create natural conversations between your apps and users and improve customer experience.
Gary, the virtual concierge of Roland-Garros was designed with IBM Watson Conversation, which understands natural language both in English and in French.

41 million

points analyzed to determine the keys of the match for every player on IBM SlamTracker

1,2 million

downloads of the official application for smartphones and tablets

375 million

page views on the official website and applications (figures from 2016)

9 million

Tweets analyzed to determine the most popular players of the tournament

Technology showcase

IBM designs, develops and delivers the digital experience of many global sporting events, including The Masters and tennis Grand Slams — but these capabilities aren’t all fun and games. The same technologies that deliver competitive analysis for players and connect tournaments with millions of fans can help your business outthink the competition and connect with your customers.

Visual Recognition

Find meaning in visual content!

More than 30 years of shared innovation

IBM has been serving Roland-Garros to enable fans, players and the media to experience the tournament in the most innovative way possible. Discover more.


SlamTracker: the fans favourite way of getting live Roland-Garros insights

Social Leaderboard

Who are the fans' favorite players during the tournament? The Social Leaderboard tracks all the tweets.


IBM’s Cloud technology provides the flexibilty that an organisation like Fédération Française de Tennis needs


Most fans will never know which two critical solution areas underpin the French Open apps and platforms: Security and Cloud.


Experience Roland-Garros wherever you are!


IBM captures data in real time from the courts, with courtside statisticians and radars to broadcast live important match stats.

IBM Behind The Scenes TV @RG

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