Meet the IBM Alpha Zone Current Class

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator


Assense™ by Actiview is a mixed-reality assessment platform enabling to gauge the behavioral and cognitive profile of your talent in real-life simulations and predict his fit to the specific team and position. We leverage mixed-reality, spatial-data and deep-learning methodologies along with neuroscientific research to deliver an accurate, adaptive, data-driven recruiting solution.


Anzu provides innovative end-to-end 3D advertising solutions for 3D/VR/AR apps across all major platforms and devices, built to address advertising challenges in virtual 3D spaces and bridge the gap between monetization and user experience.


CastPlus has created a marketplace where ad agencies and advertisers can connect with podcast publishers whose content is relevant to their advertising campaigns. Our platform provides both realtime data analytics and a unique ad insertion tool that helps podcasters integrate their ads wherever they choose into new and back catalog episodes.


Finnovest is developing an automated investment advisory & trading platform. It uses mobile devices to fundamentally change the way investment advisors interact with clients. By enabling tailored advice and automatic execution ability to numerous clients simultaneously, advisors increase clients' engagement, clients receive better service, and brokerages & banks boost transactions.


Ginger Gene supplies an innovative support & training platform for capital equipment manufacturers and users. We are bridging users' and service's knowledge gap by generating accessible, structured content & analytics. Ginger Gene deals with the most complicated manuals and creates short, efficient, visualized, step by step guides. We are already working with some of the world leaders such as GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson.

HT BioImaging

HT BioImaging is committed to save lives and improve the life quality of deadliest diseases patients. HT BioImaging has set to revolutionize early cancer detection. We developed a platform that lies at the base of a noninvasive, safe and highly accurate detection method. With our products, initial screening will become a simple and affordable process, easily accessed in the community.


Medorion is developing an AI platform that enables population health teams to activate patients/members toward preventive medicine and wellness activities by combining digital marketing and behavioral science. The platform provides a behavioral framework to construct and execute engagement plans across multiple channels and learns behavioral profiles to predict personalized activation strategies.


Nanosynex is developing a personalized diagnostic test that checks bacterial resistance to antibiotics in record time using microfluidics techniques. Nanosynex solution is composed of disposable cards, a benchtop reader and software for data collection. The test will help doctors determine the most appropriate antibiotic treatment and provide same-day results.


Stagira is developing a decentralized user access control system on top of public blockchains and decentralized storages. We empower developers by providing them with SDK to Decentralised Applications (Dapps) developers and a service to end users.


Varcode's FreshCode cold chain monitoring solution is a breakthrough technology. FreshCode provides low cost and value added tracking with patented Time-Temperature recorders, reader apps and cloud based management system. The FreshCode solution enables: data driven decisions, flexible configuration, fast implementation and low cost.