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IBM System x® offers x86 servers that support Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and virtualization so your business can take advantage of the next big opportunity. IBM System x servers are intelligent systems designed to reduce costs and complexity. Keep your applications running and your budget in check with an x86 server from System x. Learn more (US)

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Meet the experts

  • Elisabeth Stahl

    Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing

  • Barbara Beltrame

    x86 & Cloud Competitive Specialist

  • Kevin Murray

    Worldwide x86 Server Marketing Manager

  • Otis Lackey

    System x Marketing Manager
    1- and 2-socket servers


The community speaks

"We're confident that with IBM, we are investing in a reliable and innovative solution that we can rely on for the long term."

Alaa Pasha, president and chief executive officer, MacromatiX

"Each time we invest in new System x servers, the additional capacity and performance creates opportunities to do new things."

Sanjay Rawal, CEO, Open Future

"The number one reason for consolidating to a single IBM System x3630 M3 is that it uniquely had an enormous amount of storage, processing power and memory in a single box."

Shay Woodard, CIO of Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions

"We don't have a lot of space, so the compactness of the iDataPlex relative to its processing power made it an excellent fit for our institution. Likewise, its slim design is optimized for heat dissipation, which means that it requires less energy to cool."

Vudhichai Parasuk, associate professor of chemistry and head of the computational chemistry unit cell at Chulalongkorn University

"The IBM iDataPlex solution puts us on the same level as animation studios on the other side of the world."

Auchuara Kijkanjanas, managing director, Kantana Animation Studios

"This implementation is an important step towards standardizing the IT systems within the entire group. An application-independent server infrastructure based on IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter technology allows us to operate our business applications more efficiently."

Dirk Kastner, Chief Information Officer, EDEKA Südwest

"SAN storage and virtualised servers used to be enterprise technologies, much too expensive for most schools. That has all changed. IBM's mid-range System x servers and System Storage disk systems are now within our reach, which means we can benefit from the lower operational costs and superior reliability provided by these technologies."

Darren Farrow, Network Manager, Lord Grey School

Otis Lackey

System x Marketing Manager
1- and 2-socket servers

Otis is the Marketing Manager for System x 1- and 2-socket rack and tower servers, including the best-selling IBM server, the System x3650 M3. He is a frequent speaker at customer, seller and Business Partner events, and manages communications to the IBM System x seller and Business Partner community.

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Elisabeth Stahl

Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing

Elisabeth Stahl is Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing for the IBM Systems and Technology Group and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years. Elisabeth's blog is designed for the open exchange of ideas relating to systems performance and benchmarking.

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Kevin Murray

Worldwide x86 Server Marketing Manager

Kevin is responsible for worldwide marketing programs for System x and BladeCenter. Kevin has a broad background in IT marketing and business line management, with over 15 years experience working with servers, networking, storage, and IT education.

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Barbara Beltrame

x86 & Cloud Competitive Specialist

Barbara is a competitive expert working with servers and cloud computing, part of an IBM worldwide team. She is a public speaker at IBM technical events and IBM Top Gun courses. In March 2011 she graduated with an MBA dissertation on the strategic implications of cloud computing for IBM x86 servers. She has been with IBM for 10 years.

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