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It’s a new kind of computing designed for data, tuned to the task and managed as a cloud

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Your business depends on your IT solutions. Making significant changes to that infrastructure can be daunting, but waiting too long to upgrade can be costly as performance lags and maintenance costs go up. IBM can help mitigate your migration risks. Evaluation and planning

services can lay the foundation of your migration and the IBM Migration Factory and other implementation services can help you transform your infrastructure while keeping your business performing.

Case studies

Case studies show how IBM helps its customers succeed.

IBM Systems Consolidation Evaluation tool

For the choices you need to run your business, turn to IBM. We can help you find a system with flexibility and scalability from a partner you can depend on.

IBM Storage Evaluation tool

Can your current storage solution handle robust information growth, while managing risk and reducing costs?

Tools to help you migrate

Understanding where you are now is the first step. Here are some resources to help you evaluate your current IT situation and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs. Build a sound case for migration.

Get ready to break free

Break free from your current IT investments to a new era of IT economics

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IBM Systems Migration Factory

The experts at the IBM Migration Factory can help you develop a migration roadmap, an estimate of our migration effort and a customized business case for the migration.