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Your move. Manage change and drive innovation from strategy to execution.

Why IBM?

IBM Ireland works with companies to develop and deliver innovative strategies which help you define your future, achieve sustainable breakthroughs in performance and drive change. We help our clients transform their enterprise and operations by:


In summary, we work with you to drive cost reduction, implement sustainable change, and ensure effectiveness of IT organisation.

  • Driving Cost Reduction and Improving Growth
  • Implementing Sustainable Change

    We support your business in successfully achieving and sustaining major transformational change by focusing on:

  • Ensuring Effectiveness of IT organisation

    We support your business by designing a high-performance IT organisation and supporting a successful transition by establishing IT Governance and Programme Change Management. We help you to achieve operational excellence by adapting best-in-class IT processes. This includes, for example, benchmarking and best practice assessments, IT economics, and cost management.


No matter what your strategy is, change is required. Leadership must set the change agenda and manage it through. The successful organisation will establish a flexible, dynamic ongoing change capability. Our recent research identifies the success criteria and approaches for "Change Masters".

Gary Holohan
Strategy and Change Service Line Leader

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