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Activities in the Ireland Software Lab generate employment across a wide variety of job roles. Many of the roles are associated with software development, test or documentation. Significant numbers are employed in software support, services and sales.

We employ a diverse group of people; a mix of cultures, ages, experience, male and female forming lively dynamic teams. All have in common enthusiasm for the technology they are working with and a great interest in improving quality and expertise.

In addition to the training and development of individuals in their chosen role, we believe in interaction across teams and projects in Ireland and abroad promoting cooperation and creativity. We also encourage involvement in personal and community development initiatives, promoting a wide variety of projects and endeavouring to inject as much fun as we can into the process!

Our Job Areas include:

  • - Software Designer

    Software Designers are responsible for translating software architecture documentation or requirements into design specifications, using the appropriate tools and techniques. They design the components and provide the functions identified by the requirements or architectural solution.

  • -Software Architect

    Software Architects are responsible for defining product/solution architecture and describe how elements of the technologies interoperate in the solution/product architecture. They have analytical ability and creativity in anticipating trends, knowledge of leading-edge products/technology and industry in order to effectively participate on business unit and IBM Architectural Boards. They lead the design authority, collaborating with other IT Architects and technical specialists.

  • -Software Developer

    Software Developers develop new and existing features. They ensure that implemented components are unit tested and ready to be integrated into the product. They also provide fixes to defects identified by test teams during software development life cycle

  • -Software Test Engineer

    Software Test Engineer are responsible for testing IBM products or systems to ensure they function according to specifications and customer requirements and that they meet business needs. Testing activities cover all aspects of the product/system including function/component, performance, system, regression and service.

  • -Technical Support Developer

    Technical Support Developer is responsible for debugging reported problems, design, develop and unit test code fixes. They support Technical Support Engineers in performing problem determination and analysis on client systems. Depending on the severity level of a problem, they may work directly with clients through conference calls or onside visits

  • -Technical Support Engineer

    Technical Support Engineers provide advanced remote technical support to IBMs world wide clients They work with a variety of the customers' IT personnel (Developers, System Administrators, DBA's, LOB Management, etc) as well as IBM Business Partners and internal IBM teams responsible for the successful deployment of IBM Software Products.

  • -Information Developer

    Information Developers are responsible for creating documentation to explain to an end user how to use a software product. This can be in the form of an online information centre, web page, wizards or animated product tours.

  • -Software Release Manager

    Software Release Managers are accountable for the delivery of a product offering. They manage projects to ensure that project management methodologies are applied to reach a successful delivery. They work with teams across the organisation to ensure that all dependencies are identified, committed and delivered on schedule.

  • -Project Manager

    Software Project Managers are responsible for leading projects and are accountable for their success. Their responsibilities include project scoping, planning, tracking, reporting deliverables, risk management etc. They work with teams across the organisation to ensure that all dependencies are identified, committed and delivered on schedule

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Bill Kearney

Director IBM Ireland Lab

Brian O'Hara

Program Director for information Managment

Mary O'Brien

Director, PM & BSM solutions

Joe Fitzpatrick

Program Director, Industry Solutions