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The Ireland Lab is one of IBM's largest R&D laboratories outside the US. We are located at three sites in Dublin, Cork, and Galway. At the Ireland Lab, more than 1000 software professionals use innovative technology to design, build, test and deploy cutting-edge business solutions for IBM's worldwide customer base.
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  • - Social Business

    The Ireland Lab is working on solutions that help people to be more efficient and productive, save time, and reduce travel expenses. Social business solutions include IBM LotusLive for email, IBM Sametime for instant messaging, and IBM Connections for social networking and community-based sharing of content and expertise.

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  • -Cloud Computing

    The Ireland Lab builds, tests, deploys, and monitors IBM's platform and software as a service (SaaS) offerings for Cloud Computing. The SaaS offering includes IBM LotusLive social collaboration software. Tivoli Cloud solutions include Tivoli Live Service Manager, which brings industry-standard incident, problem, service, asset, configuration and change management solutions to the Cloud.

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  • -Smarter Cities

    Our cities are developing and expanding all the time. Most of us live in cities, and the number of us who do is increasing. City planners and officials need more efficient ways of coordinating data and resources, and anticipating and responding to problems. The Ireland Lab is closely involved in the development of smarter physical infrastructure projects to help create smarter cities. For example, IBM Intelligent Operations Center helps city officials, authorities, and other organisations to track and manage events. IBM Intelligent Traffic helps transport officials to monitor current traffic flows in order to predict future problems. IBM Intelligent Water helps water authorities to manage water resources by analysing usage patterns and optimising maintenance.

    The Ireland Lab also collaborates on projects that are targeted at specific industries. IBM Real-Time Asset Locator integrates information gathered from sensors and uses it to track and monitor assets in real-time to provide visibility of resources. The Ireland Lab has worked on an application of this solution, IBM Real-Time Asset Locator for Healthcare, which can be used to track and manage assets in healthcare environments, for example, hospitals.

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  • -Data storage and analysis

    The Ireland Lab implements solutions that help businesses to manage their networks, improve the performance of their services and solve their business problems. Data warehouse and management solutions, such as IBM InfoSphere Warehouse and IBM Banking Warehouse, help businesses to store and manage their information more efficiently. IBM Cognos analytics solutions help businesses to analyze and use their information more effectively.

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  • -Service Management / Enterprise and Telecom Industries

    The Ireland lab also builds, tests, and deploys Telco and enterprise solutions. Large Tier 1 Telco operators can use IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager and IBM Tivoli Netcool Service Quality Manager to create and monitor performance metrics and service availability metrics. In the Enterprise market, solutions for business service management include IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager, and solutions for Enterprise Application monitoring include IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager.

  • -Petabyte data

    The DB2 System Verification Test team, based in Dublin and Toronto, has achieved a milestone in data analytics using IBM Smart Analytics Systems to perform analytical processing at the one petabyte (1 Pb) level. As a result, the team has developed a database system which can process in excess of 5 trillion rows of business data.

    The petabyte scale of database analysis and storage is becoming a necessity for large retail, financial, and telecommunications businesses dealing with massive volumes of real-time data processing and compliance. A petabyte is about one million gigabytes (1,048,576 bytes). One petabyte of data storage is equivalent to interconnecting approximately 10,000 laptops. Populating a system of this scale presents several challenges, which the team overcame by developing and patenting innovative techniques for rapid data population.

    The database system at the Callan Lab, IBM Technology Campus in Dublin comprises 64 POWER™p550 servers and more than one petabyte of IBM System Storage, clustered in 33 racks and running DB2 9.7 Information Management software. The database system provides an optimal environment for managing the world's most demanding workloads.

    The Callan Lab has also made significant savings on the database system’s energy costs by taking advantage of free cooling, which means using the outside air to cool the servers. The intelligent system uses sensors to continuously read temperature and relative humidity levels. The system dynamically adjusts the rate of cooling when the outside temperature rises above optimal levels. As a result, over 80% of the database system's cooling requirement is provided by the natural environment.