IBM Software
Group in Ireland

Development of software solutions to meet
our customers needs

IBM Ireland Lab employs over 1000 people in three different cities in Ireland. The lab is involved in a wide range of software projects and engages with businesses, communities and universities throughout the country. The lab is involved in large scale enterprise software systems; how each application works in isolation as well as how they interact with each other within the IBM solution stack. IBM Ireland Lab's portfolio is reflective of IBM's focus areas worldwide: Social and Collaborative Computing, Smarter Cities, Cloud Computing, Service Management, Data Warehouse and Analytics. There is also an increasing focus on security, large scale systems and model-driven development.

IBM staff work to transform IBM's extensive research into business solutions for our clients. IBM staff are involved in Software Development, Testing, Customer Support, Information Design and Lab Services across multiple IBM products.

Learn more about the work that we are engaged in at the Ireland Lab; what we do, who we are and information about IBM Ireland's other activities.

Director of the IBM Software Group in Ireland, Bill Kearney

Watch the video. Bill Kearney