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Customers share. Learn how IBM has helped customers transform their businesses.

It's a new business era. Everyone's talking innovation. It's no longer enough to offer unique products and services - now you have to create competitive advantage by doing business in a whole new way. You have to be special.

Electricity Supply Board (ESB) - Smarter Planet Video
Smart Metering Project

The cusotmer will benefit from the network and metering instilation by having more information on appliance usage in their home. The solution is expected to lead to a reduction in overall demand of electricity, reduction in emmissions and help the country attain future sustainability targets.

Customer Quote:
Smart is...being able to optimize the use of electricity across an entire country. Interview with Denis O'Leary, Head of Asset management, Electricity Supply Board (ESB), Ireland.

IBM Global Financing Helps Nisa-Today’s Easily Expand Infrastructure

IBM Global Financing provided financing for new IBM Power6® servers and a System Storage® DS8000® solution, and extended the return date for the old equipment. The new Power Systems servers were installed side-by-side, to run in parallel with the older servers while the IT migration was carried out and tested.

Customer Quote:
"We were happy with our original decision to lease with IBM Global Financing. It helped to reduce our costs and fitted into our budget. With hindsight we were happier still: we exploited the end of lease flexibility in our contract, and it really helped us manage a complex IT transition. They say leasing helps transfer risks, and I suppose we saw that transfer working in a very practical way."
— Wayne Swallow, IT Director at Nisa-Today’s

IBM worked with Ryanair to introduce one of the world’s first implementations of Chip and PIN enabled airport kiosks.

Customer Quote:
"With IBM, we have their professionalism, we have their IT skills, and their world wide brand in delivering cost efficient IT solutions for rapidly growing companies like Ryanair. They’ve been great to work with, we have a very good relationship and that’s why the kiosk rollout has been so successful. We plugged it in, switched it on and IBM did the rest." - Michael O’Leary, CEO at Ryanair.

ESB cuts operational costs and enhances customer service by optimising business processes with a Lean Six Sigma initiative from IBM Global Business Services.

Customer Quote:
"Working with IBM Global Business Services has not only delivered significant real-world benefits for our current billing and payment processes – it has also given us an important range of skills that the business can leverage in the future." - Ciaran Hand, Business Process Manager at ESB Customer Supply.

IBM Global Business Services helped St. James’s Hospital implement SAP ERP applications, introducing consistent inventory management practices to streamline operational processes and improve stock control. Enhancements to hospital ward storage replenishment processes were facilitated by the introduction of Pocket PC devices, running SAP GuiXt Mobile. The hospital’s entire SAP application environment is hosted and maintained by IBM Application Management Services (AMS) in Dublin.

Customer Quote:
"St. James's is always looking for new ways to innovate around its SAP applications and develop new processes to improve operational efficiencies and service levels. IBM is an ideal partner – providing a full-service solution including everything from infrastructure and application management to business consultancy and development support." - Martin Buckley, IT Director, St. James's Hospital

Allied Irish Banks strengthens its position in Europe through core bank transformation which included IBM Hardware, Software and Services along with Business Partner - FLEXCUBE (Oracle Financial Services).

Customer Quote:
"Our embrace of a bold transformation strategy is a measure of both the challenges we face and our commitment to success. By working with IBM, we're gaining the agility and efficiency that are becoming essential for success—and we’re doing it today. " - – Steve Meadows, COO and Director of Operations and Technology, Allied Irish Banks

OmniPay enlists IBM Infrastructure Services to deliver scalability and security.

Customer Quote:
To help us stay competitive, IBM integrated our new infrastructure to better meet the high-availability, high performance and security requirements in today’s Global Financial environments”. IBM developed a reliable, on demand, infrastructure whereby additional server processing and storage can be commissioned by us without any disruption to our business. It offers us computing power growth to match our larger business volumes when required and supports our PCI compliance.” said Brian Connolly, CEO OmniPay

PREM Group upgrades its IT infrastructure in order to provide Internet, movies and electronic billing services to its hotel guests in Belgium.

Customer Quote:
“With our new multimedia offerings built on the IBM System x platform, we’ve been able to dramatically improve the quality of service we provide to our valued guests.”- PREM Group

UniPhar plc Invests in New Enterprise Technology Platform from SAP and IBM

Customer Quote:
"The combination of SAP’s proven credentials in the pharmaceutical industry with IBM’s thought leadership in the sector was an unbeatable combination. We currently operate a number of disparate IT applications and we wanted one integrated solution that would bring our processes together so that all our employees could access the information they need, when they need it. Implementing the SAP solution will mean that we can deliver an enhanced service to our customers and principals, which will provide us with a competitive advantage and facilitate growth,” said David FitzGerald, Group Finance Director, UniPhar plc.

Porto Media, a media service provider and development company in Ireland shaved years off product launch times by engaging IBM Global Business Services.

Customer Quote:
"IBM displayed independent thinking, a depth of vision and a commitment to our success across every division we worked with. The doors that opened to us because of our association with IBM reinforced how valuable it has been in our evolution as a business. " - Chris Armstrong, Founder, Porto Media

IBM Global Technology Services helped design, implement and support automated check-in kiosks for an Irish airline.

Customer Quote:
“Since its introduction, FastPass has transformed the check-in experience for our customers at Dublin airport”, says Anne Bradley, Aer Lingus Dublin Airport Manager “FastPass gives us many more check-in points at the airport. Passengers can get their own boarding pass in less than a minute and no longer have to endure long queues. Quite simply, FastPass is now an essential part of our daily operation. In fact FastPass has been so successful that we quickly extended it to our other major airports.”

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