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IBM SOA Executive Summit

  IBM SOA Executive Summit

IBM invites you to attend one of our worldwide IBM SOA Executive Summits for senior business and IT executives to explore ways you can leverage the IT investments you have already made and respond to market opportunities at a speed that will outwit your competition.

The 1 day IBM SOA Executive Summit provides an opportunity to hear real-world stories from other business executives about their SOA experiences including the challenges involved in communicating the value of SOA to business stakeholders. The Summit gives you a chance to network with IBM executives who are the architects of IBM's long term SOA vision as well as IBM subject matter experts.  A lineup of executive speakers from IBM, our customers and analyst firms will lead discussions about the powerful impact SOA is having on companies' response to changes in the marketplace.

IBM is the undisputed leader in SOA strategy and implementation and we will share our expertise, honed with companies facing challenges and opportunities just like yours to help you take advantage of the reality of SOA.

At the event you will learn about:

  • How to achieve real business value
  • How to make SOA real
  • How to gain the buy-in of the business
  • SOA best practices
  • A discipline to support rapid and efficient process optimization, change and deployment
  • How to take on SOA projects without the fear/risk of failure
  • Extensions to existing IT security, management and infrastructure capabilities for greater flexibility
  • Greater agility among people, process and information for a more nimble organization

Gain the insight you need to build a profitable and productive SOA approach at the IBM SOA Executive Summit.

Save the date:

Reception/Gala Dinner - 06. June 2007
  Dress code for the Gala Dinner is Business Attire.
Conference - 07. June 2007

Venue: Budapest, Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

06. June 2007
19:00 Executive welcome and Gala Dinner Jim Koerner, Vice President Software Group CEMAAS
23:00 Close  

07. June 2007
08:30 - 09:00 Arrival, registration, breakfast  
09:00 - 09:15 Executive Welcome Jim Koerner, Vice President, IBM Software Group, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Austria, Switzerland
09:15 - 09:45 Business Impact of SOA When it comes to SOA, there are some widely held misconceptions about what it can do to, for and within a company. This session will demonstrate that SOA is a real business strategy with more and more companies of all sizes adopting an SOA strategy and gaining tangible business benefits.
Sandy Carter, Vice President, SOA & WebSphere Strategy, Channels and Marketing
09:45 - 10:30 Selling SOA to your CEO Behind every successful SOA there is a CEO sponsor that understands the importance and value of SOA and recognizes it as an organization-wide business strategy. It is possible to use your language with the CEO and get them to understand the value of industry frameworks. Learn how to gain executive endorsement and approval to build an SOA as this session will position the use of existing technology to align IT with business goals to realize greater efficiencies, cost savings and increase productivity.
Mike McCarthy, Vice President, Global Technology Services, Middleware Services
10:30 - 11:15 Real Business Value from SOA

A 40% customer intent to pursue or adopt SOA during the next year by NA-EU SMBs, and a 53% to 62% increase for large NA-EU enterprises surveyed at the end of 2006 offers confirmation of SOA's success. However, these numbers hide the diversity of SOA tactical and strategic projects which depend largely on the requirements of vertical flexibility drivers. In this presentation Forrester shares and examines this verticals diversity, some of the most common best practices and predicts the next steps for SOA adoption and technology.
Henry Peyret, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

11:15 -11:30 Break  
11:30 - 12:15 People, Process, Information for Business Centric SOA Liberate your business from prescriptive systems! SOA enables you to build business value by creating high level, reusable business services. By giving users the power to define their own workspaces which access contextually rich and timely information services, you will be well on the way to increasing collaboration and the speed and accuracy of decision making. This session will show why its easier with SOA.
Craig Hayman, Vice President WebSphere, Application and Integration Middleware Software.
12:15 - 12:45 SOA in Action s.Oliver Case Study
Mr. Stefan Beyler, CIO, s.Oliver
12:45 - 13:45 Networking Lunch  
13:45 - 14:30 Business Process Management Enabled by SOA Business Process MIanagement has arrived...and it is starting to be described by some as the next killer app. BPM enabled by SOA provides all of the iterative and continuous improvement capabilities required to manage a competitive and innovative business. And, it adds a flexible architectural style in support of efficient process change and rapid process deployment. During this session, hear the latest announcements from IBM in the BPM space, hear first-hand from a leading Government agency using BPM to improve operations, and discover how the powerful combination of BPM to streamline business processes built on an SOA can double your likelihood of becoming an industry leader.
Paul Brunet, Director of SOA Product Marketing at IBM
14:30 - 15:15 IT Security, Management and Infrastructure Extensions to Maximize SOA Value SOA doesn't mean IT as usual.  SOA will change the demands on your IT resources and the way you manage and secure them.  Would you like to avoid some of the common pitfalls SOA adopters have encountered with their IT infrastructure that have delayed realizing the full value of SOA projects?  This session will cover ways to extend IT security, management and infrastructure for SOA services to fully capitalize on the value of SOA.  It will help you understand what how the business flexiblity delivered by SOA must be supported by IT flexibility.  You will learn about the elements of security and compliance with SOA as well as automating deployment, delivery and management of SOA services across an IT infrastructure extended to support them effectively.  You will see ways to gain insight into your SOA environment to control applications and services to meet key performance indicators.  You will understand that quality of service of SOA services depends on your ability to predict, monitor, manage, and prioritize change, performance and availability of interdependent services across a flexible infrastructure.
Rich Lechner, Vice President, IT Optimisation and System software
15:15 - 16:00 Advancing SOA Business/IT linkage with SOA Governance Strong SOA governance aligns business and IT strategies, and creates effective communication paths between the two constituencies. Learn how IBM's approach to SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle management enhances your ability to support business requirements for SOA. Hear how IBM has refreshed its SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle Management portfolio with exciting improvements driven directly from client feedback and IBM experiences with SOA implementations. This session will detail recent improvements to software like WebSphere Service Registry & Repository and services such as the SOA Governance and Management Method.
Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow, CTO of IBM's SOA Center of Excellence
16:00 - 16:15 Executive Close Jim Koerner, Vice President, IBM Software Group, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Austria, Switzerland

For registration please click on the Registration link.

IBM Executives are pleased to have one-on-one meetings with you.

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IBM SOA Executive Summit

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