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Smarter industries deliver smarter outcomes

Industry is being challenged like never before. As an industry leader, you need to innovate to seek new sources of growth – no matter where they are, drive insight from information to make better, faster decisions, and constantly evolve your strategy and business model to stay one step ahead in an increasingly complex world.

These challenges are weighing on all of us -- in business, government and in society -- and speak directly to the unprecedented opportunity we have to change the way the world create a smarter industry at a time.

At the IBM Smarter Industries Symposium from 10th – 11th November at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, industry leaders convened to create strategies aimed at accelerating transformation, driving competitive advantage, ensuring sustainability, and delivering greater value across entire industries.

At this invitation-only gathering, participants collaborated with other business and government leaders on how industry-wide strategies and industry-specific solutions can increase measurable business outcomes.

More details about the symposium topics and outcomes, as well as industry insights and links, can be found in the 'program' tab.