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IBM Spain Central Office

IBM's head office in Spain is located at 26-28 Santa Hortensia Street, 28002 Madrid, in the area between López de Hoyos Street and the highway that leads to Barcelona (N-II).

The building has 70,000 sq. meters of office space, with room for over 2,000 employees. Built in 1989, it brings together in Madrid most of the activities that were previously scattered in different locations.

The building's characteristics faithfully reflect the importance that IBM places on the human element in business, both within the corporation as well as externally. Every part of the building fulfills a function for employees or visiting customers. Spain's head office is the ideal setting to work in and to efficiently accomplish the corporation's goal of superior customer satisfaction.

A universe waiting to serve its customers. So many people in one building have a variety of needs; that is why IBM's head office offers both a restaurant and a cafeteria, a bank, travel agency, library ... and, of course, a medical center.

With the silhouette of a great ship, IBM has created a space for advanced technology with a user-friendly design. In this ideal space, the commitment between IBM and our customers can continue to grow as an exciting challenge.