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Build the career you want

There are many different jobs you can do at IBM, you just have to find which path is right for you. We won't pigeon hole you on the basis of your degree. In fact, we'll actively support and encourage you to try different things until you've found your ideal career path.

You’ll need to spend some time thinking about what interests you, where your skills lie and match these to the opportunities we have on offer. If you think we only have opportunities in IT, think again. We have a number of different roles to get involved in, reflecting the wide scope of our overall service offering. Within these roles you might move from project to project, work with a range of clients and perhaps even in different cities or countries.


To make sure you get exactly the help and skills you need, we provide targeted training that includes a range of opportunities - from a formal mentoring program and career development to peer support and professional development.

Whatever your question or training needs, you'll have some of the best brains in the business to consult: a worldwide collaboration of resources, experience and expertise that will help you achieve what you know you are capable of – and perhaps even more.

There are 3 core elements to the training you'll receive at IBM:

Skills development

Whether you're focussing on business or personal skills development, we have our own dedicated training organisation to help. There are literally hundreds of courses available for you to choose from. And it's not all about sitting in a classroom. You'll have the flexibility to fit your training in around you – with downloadable courses, podcasts and webcasts.

Commercial exposure

One of the most valuable things we can offer you is the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a hands-on, commercial environment, or 'on the job training'. You'll work on real projects, with real clients, and real bottom-line deliverables. But not to worry, both your Manager and Mentor will be there to lend their full support, enabling you to gain as much exposure as possible.


In order to achieve your career goals, you need to have the right technical and professional skills, as well as appropriate accreditation and certification for your particular area. We will help you achieve the appropriate certification.

Career development

You'll have 2 managers at IBM. A Professional Development Manager and a Task Manager.

Your Task Manager is there to manage you on a day-to-day basis, and overseeing the projects you're working on.

Your Professional Development Manager is there to help you manage your career and your professional development.

You'll work with your Professional Development Manager to create an Individual Development Plan. This will identify:

You’ll review this plan once a year with your manager to ensure your continued career development.

Life @ IBM

It’s not all work and no play...

Over 500 students and graduates join us every year, so although IBM is a huge organisation, you’ll instantly be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

You’ll find yourself working in friendly environment with talented colleagues. And given the size and scale of our business you’ll experience huge variety in the work that you’ll get involved with and you’ll work with a range of clients across all types of business.

Whichever career path you choose to follow at IBM, we can offer you an incredible experience, world class training, leading technology, a great social network, the opportunity to work with the best brains in the industry and develop expert knowledge – at one of the most successful companies in history.

What is it like to work at IBM as a Graduate? Watch this video to hear straight from the mouths of some of our current Graduates!’