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Diversity of thought.
Diversity of people.
A smarter planet for everyone.

At IBM, we focus on performance. To help us work smarter, we need ideas born from different backgrounds, different perspectives and different attitudes. And that means different people. So it just makes sense that we cater for a range of different circumstances, offering flexible work practices and a range of programmes designed to let you fit in work around your life, not the other way around.

What we are not flexible on though is our commitment to innovation. We are tasked with creating a smarter planet and that's something every IBMer is focused on, regardless of who they are or what they do.

At IBM, you'll be a part of something significant, something worthwhile. And you'll also have access to flexibility, support and opportunity like nowhere else. Don't compromise on your next career. Get the best of both worlds.


Innovate in a company of experts

At IBM we have never defined ourselves by what we sell but by who we are. IBMers embrace unity, not uniformity. We believe that diversity of thought and culture brings forth breakthrough ideas. So we embrace people who think differently, and ideas that are unfamiliar. At IBM, you'll collaborate with people who are open-minded and excited about the same things you are, in an environment that cultivates creativity and individual differences, rewarding your best work.


As an insatiably curious innovation company that sees beyond the horizon, IBM nurtures a way of working that rewards diverse thinking and bold ideas all within a flexible working environment.

But don't just take our word for it, hear what IBM women working across the Middle East and Africa have to say

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Enjoy a flexible work environment that has the kind of intellectual challenges you strive for in your career.

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At IBM you will have the opportunity to apply your background to many different areas, so you really can build the career you want

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Cultivate your expertise through award-winning, customized professional development and leadership training

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