Extreme Blue Summer Internship

What is Extreme Blue?

There are summer internships, and then there’s Extreme Blue. Think of it as the opportunity to run your own business, but with the support, expertise, and backing of one of the worlds leading technology companies. Extreme Blue at IBM isn’t your average summer internship, it’s 12 weeks of intense creative thinking.

Working in a small team of students, you’ll tackle a real business problem. Your task? Develop an idea to solve it – one that no one else has thought of – and then, turn that idea into a real, proof-of-concept solution. When the 12 weeks are up, you’ll showcase your project to our executives, business partners and clients. Expectations will be high and the results will be closely scrutinised. Extreme Blue is no easy ride, but we guarantee it’ll be an incredible experience.

Where else could you experience all this…?

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International Students! Find out more here!


International Students! Find out more here!

What opportunities do we offer?

You’ll work in a team of 4 students – one business student and three technical students. In these teams your challenge will be to develop the technology and business plan that will bring a new product to life for IBM.

Business roles

You’ll be the one managing the project, keeping the team on schedule and meeting targets and objectives. That’ll involve dealing directly with clients, determining the features your solution will need and putting together a watertight business case.

Business roles are suited to:

People studying a business type degree.

Natural born leaders and expert planners.

What do we look for?

You need to be studying for a business related degree, and to have excellent leadership, communication, planning, and teamwork skills. An enthusiasm for technology and a talent for motivating people are also highly desirable.

Technology roles

You’ll be part of the team that designs, architects, develops and tests an innovative new proof-of-concept for your client. You’ll work with some true technological geniuses here, too – which will give you the chance to expand your own skills.

Technology roles are suited to:

People studying a technical/scientific/numerical degree, with an aptitude for programming.

True problem solvers – those who can analyse tricky issues and work in teams to solve them.

What we do look for?

You should be studying a technical, scientific or numerical degree and have excellent analytical, problem solving and teamwork skills - along with a talent for programming, and a passion for technology.


What kind of projects will you work on?

Inert to Interactive

It really could be anything. Here are a couple of great examples:

The Inert to Interactive (i2i) team created a new, web-based corporate communications system, simplifying the administration, and providing end-users with a streamlined, intuitive interface. Content is compiled from existing materials, videos, and feeds, or created from scratch within a web-based editor, and custom display reels are generated and targeted at appropriate locations and audiences through a tagging system. By tapping the display with their corporate NFC badge, users access an interactive interface from which they can navigate content, and use a variety of tools, on a large, touch-screen display. This system is currently being show-cased at IBM Hursley, and demonstrated to customers.


Working with a large online retailer, the Trendification team were asked to investigate ways to improve personalisation and engagement with customers through the web. The team created a prototype website to host an online fantasy football-style game, challenging customers to create a collage of clothing and accessory items that they think will be fashionable over the coming days. Points for each item are assigned by using social media sentiment analysis, meaning that users Tweeting and posting about the things they like will boost their items' performance, and they can also score points by picking out what other people are likely to be posting about on social media.


What we offer

Support and training

Learn by exploring

Freedom – that’s one of the things that makes Extreme Blue different from any other placement out there. We’re not going to tell you what you need to do every day. Instead, we want you to explore ideas, be creative and push yourself and your team to come up with something mind-shatteringly brilliant.

Support from the brightest and best

Look forward to a bright future

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