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School Leavers - Apply

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Click on the relevant link below to apply for a role with us. You can only apply for one role.

When prompted to upload your CV, please upload your completed IBM Application template. CVs in any other format will not be accepted.

Please note all roles will be filled on a first come first served basis and we recommend you apply early to avoid disappointment. We often fill some roles well before the closing date for applications!

2016 Futures

Applications now closed

Applications now closed

2016 Apprenticeships

Applications now closed

Applications now closed

Customer Engineer

International Students! Find out more here!

Top Tips

Here's where we'll give you our top tips on surviving the selection process! These may all sound simple and obvious, but you would be surprised what basic mistakes are made during our selection process.

Throughout the process think about the skills IBM is looking for and how you can demonstrate to us that you have these.

Application Form

Online test

Our 3 top tips to help you get through the test are:

  1. Find somewhere quiet to take the test away from any distractions.
  2. There are sample questions for each part of the test, so take time understanding exactly what is required for each section. This part of the test isn't timed so you can take as long as you need.
  3. You don't have to sit the test all in one go. You have a few days to take it and you can log in and out as many time as you like, so consider taking each section on a different day.


Assessment Centres

We use assessment centres because it gives us the opportunity to see you in a number of situations. These are not designed to catch you out. If you attend an assessment centre think about the following: