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What we look for

Energy, creativity and passion are really important to us. We also work in teams all the time, so you need to be someone who’ll thrive in that kind of environment – a great communicator and someone with the ability to lead others.

There are other characteristics we look for, too. We call them competencies - think about whether, and how, you can demonstrate them.

Please note all roles will be filled on a first come first served basis and we recommend you apply early to avoid disappointment. We often fill some roles well before the closing date for applications!


How do you cope with changing demands and stress? Are you flexible? Have you successfully completed several projects with competing deadlines?


Do you present information clearly, precisely and succinctly? Adapt the way you communicate to your audience? And listen to others?

Client focus

Can you see a situation from a client's viewpoint, whether that's colleagues or customers? Can you anticipate their needs?

Creative problem solving

Do you use ingenuity, supported by logical methods and analysis, to propose solutions? Can you anticipate problems? Do you put forward innovative ideas?


Will you proactively learn new skills – even if they're beyond the scope of your current job? Will you put in the time and energy needed to achieve results?


How do you work with others to achieve shared goals? Do you easily build relationships with others? Are you a team player?

Passion for IBM

Do you know what IBM does and what our most recent achievements are? Are you up to speed with the latest trends in our industry? What are the biggest challenges we face? (You'll need the facts at your fingertips and the enthusiasm to match.)

Taking ownership

Do you take responsibility for tasks/decisions? And implement decisions with speed? Can you show when you've worked to correct your mistakes?

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International Students! Find out more here!


Let us now. Please let us know if you have an injury, long term health condition or disability and need us to make adjustments to allow you to do your best. This could include extra time, a sign interpreter etc. Click here.
Let us now. Please let us know if you have an injury, long term health condition or disability and need us to make adjustments to allow you to do your best. This could include extra time, a sign interpreter etc. Click here.

The selection process

Our process has been designed not only for us to understand if you are right for us, but also for you to understand if we are right for you. So, take every opportunity you can to ask questions along the way.

STEP 1 – Online application form

You need to apply online through this website. There are two parts to the application – the first is an online form that asks for personal details as well as information about your education and work experience. The second part is the IBM Application template.

The IBM Application template is quite straightforward – it lists all the skills that we look for and asks you to give examples to demonstrate where you have used them. You can use examples from any aspect of your life - school, college, hobbies, charity work, work experience… demonstrating the skills we look for, is the best way to make us think ‘we must find out more about this person at an assessment centre’.

STEP 2 – Online Test

If your initial application is successful, we will invite you to take an online computer aptitude test (CAT) – the IBM IPAT test. This has been developed to test logical reasoning and the ability to process information quickly. All the necessary instructions will be sent to you when you’re invited to take the test.

The test itself is divided into three sections, however, you will only be asked to complete two of the three sections. You can choose to take these in either one or two sittings. You will have five days to complete the two sections before your password expires.

The test can be adjusted for anyone that needs a reasonable adjustment and you will be asked to self select whether you need this when you log on for the first time.

STEP 3 – Assessment Centre

If you achieve the required score in the online test, we'll invite you to an assessment centre. You'll be given a presentation about the available opportunities with the chance to ask more questions, and you'll get the opportunity to meet some of our current students.

You can expect to take part in some or all of the following activities:

STEP 4 – Final interview

For some of our roles we'll invite you for a one or more 'matching' interviews. This is an opportunity for you to meet one of our business managers and to ensure that the role we may potentially offer you is a good match for what you are looking for, and also that you have the specific skills that our roles require. Unfortunately, until you complete and pass this final stage in the process, we cannot guarantee you a job offer.