If you’re passionate about technology, we really are an impressive and internationally renowned name to have on your CV. After all, when it comes to technology, we’re at the forefront of the industry. We have global expertise and reach, right across a diverse spectrum – and as a result we offer a huge number of roles within the technology area.


Software Developer
Technology Solutions Specialist
Software Designer
Technical Consultant

Software Developer | £30,000


What the role involves

Our software engineers are responsible for the complete life cycle of a software product – from research and design, to implementation and testing, through training and support. As a software engineer you will work at the heart of IBM's software innovation and you could play a key role in many world-shaping, cutting-edge technologies.

Initially you’d be allocated to one particular product development team but during your first two years with IBM you’ll have the opportunity to work on a range of products and, consequently there will be opportunities to travel and work with other IBM Research and Development Labs around the globe.

You’ll be encouraged to have contact with IBM sales teams and customers, both in the Lab as well as on customer sites, to understand the needs of our clients as well as assisting IBM’s post sales teams – all of which will contribute to your own development as an engineer.

"I’m encouraged to contribute creative ideas to help IBM build a smarter planet."

Kathleen - Software Developer

The University of Edinburgh

Degree subject:
Computer Science

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Be yourself


We are not currently accepting applications for these roles.

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What we look for

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Do you have a PhD?

We’re also interested in hiring PhD graduates with research interests relevant to the development of groundbreaking storage solutions. We offer PhD applicants a salary of up to £36,000 in addition to all the normal benefits that we offer our graduate hires. If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply using the normal graduate route.


Technology Solutions Specialist | £30,000


What the role involves

The term 'Technology Solutions Specialist' is fairly all encompassing. Our Specialists develop proof of concepts, design, develop, build, test and implement systems to solve our clients' business and IT problems.

As a hands-on professional you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of our products, offerings and services. This could involve any aspect of IT including Business Analysis, Application Development, Database Design, Package Customisation and Implementation, Testing, Support, Networking and Junior Project management. You may also find yourself working alongside our sales teams, providing technical project knowledge and guidance to support the work that they do with our clients.

Within the development of a solution for a client, the IT Architect will design the solution initially – this will then be passed to you to make it work. As you can imagine, you’ll build and develop skills and in-depth knowledge of the products, offerings and services you're working with and turn high level visions and architectures into fully functioning solutions.

Did you degree help with your role at IBM?

Some of our Technical Sales Specialist are responsible for establishing long term relationships with our customers, from senior execs to technical specialists. The Technical Sales Specialist provides trusted technical advice and assists customers in solving their business challenges with high quality and innovative technical solutions. This often requires strong technical leadership and integration with the extended IBM team. An ability to communicate the technical and financial value of the IBM solution is key to the success in these roles.


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What we look for

Great Technology Solutions Specialists tend to be people who want to know how things work and who have a desire to fix things that don't!

Technical expertise and previous relevant work experience is unnecessary as we will provide you with all the technical training required.

You will need to:

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Software Designer | £30,000


Welcome to a new era of design-led innovation. IBM Design engages and inspires forward-thinking individuals everywhere to impact humanity in ways that matter and endure. We’re looking for designers who will conceive, articulate and lead the future of IBM’s entire product portfolio. If you are passionate about solving critical and complex problems, interacting directly with end users, working with powerful technology, and ultimately delivering exceptional experiences through great design what are you waiting for?

What the role involves

IBM needs talented and motivated designers to lead an era of design-lead innovation at one of the largest software companies in the world. Designers will help to conceive and articulate the future user experience of IBM’s products. These positions are available to start immediately!

You will initially be allocated to one particular product area. Throughout your first 2 years with us, you will then be rotated through other product areas thus giving you an amazing opportunity to enhance your experience, network and product knowledge.

You will also have the fantastic opportunity to attend a three month design camp at our Austin, Texas location during the first year of your employment. Here you will be involved in an immersive and experiential week of learning and hands-on practice that applies IBM Design Thinking to your project.

We are recruiting Software designers into the following roles: User Experience Designers UX Designers, User Experience Researchers UX Researchers and Visual Designers.

A design history steeped in greatness

Paul Rand, Ray and Charles Eames, and Eliot Noyes, with images of iconic IBM designs

We live in the shadow of what Eliot Noyes and the Eameses, Rand and Saarinen have done… It’s the same mission. It’s just different people.

Keith Yamashita, IBM Charles
and Ray Eames Brand Fellow


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Each of these positions offers an excellent opportunity to develop a design career with a multi disciplinary team of developers, designers and business professionals focused on the next generation of software.

You will need to:



“When somebody sees an IBM product, his first impression should be that it’s the very best of its kind. And that includes not only our customers and the public, but IBMers as well. For the appearance of our products is an integral part of the overall quality we know is there.”

Frank Cary
IBM CHAIRMAN, 1973-1983

“Any product with the IBM logo is an ambassador of the corporation. And each product’s design in an integral element of its quality. It’s not simply a matter of aesthetics; design reflects and enhances the company’s reputation and prestige.”

Richard Sapper
Industrial design consultant to IBM

Think magazine, No. 4, 1992

“Throughout its relationship with Charles and Ray Eames, IBM believed that if you educate society, you not only do a positive good, you also create a group of people who are better able to appreciate the work and products of IBM.”

Eames Demetrios
Grandson of the Eameses and Director, Eames Office

“Powers of 10 Day: An adventure in magnitudes,” Ideas from IBM

Technical Consultant | £30,000

What the role involves

IBM is engaged with clients across all industries on some of the most relevant and exciting business and IT initiatives today – from intelligent transportation to smarter electricity management, from integrated commerce applications to improved healthcare. Our Technical Consultants play a critical role in these initiatives – analysing clients’ business challenges, designing innovative IT-based solutions and leading the technical aspects of their delivery.

Our graduate Technical Consultants focus on technical roles, growing a strong set of technical and consulting skills and then progressing onto solution design and technical leadership roles at increasing levels of responsibility.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s leading technical experts, learning from their experience as you take on increasing challenges and responsibilities and providing an opportunity for strong career growth.

Our ambition is to enable you to become one of IBM’s technical leaders - leading the complex, challenging and exciting Smarter Planet solutions – and growing into our next generation of Technical Advisors, Solution Architects and Technical Programme Managers.

During your first 2 years, you will move between different assignments, typically spending 3-9 months in each. These will give you the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies and to experience a number of varying roles, including:

User Experience Designer Role

Being part of the User Experience Design team means you will work alongside talented individuals and senior executives to illustrate the art of the possible using new digital technologies. This means being at the heart of innovation and technology, helping to solve real-world issues & transforming problems and ideas into solutions and opportunities for our clients and IBM. Given IBM’s breadth of engagements and since the Interactive Labs are supporting all business sectors, you will rapidly get exposure and gain knowledge across a broad range of industries and clients. 

A User Experience Designer needs to understand the purpose of an application, anticipate what users will want to do and create a user experience and journey which provides them with intuitive paths to perform these key tasks. This process includes both visual design; the look and feel of application to make it intuitively navigable as well as information architecture; finding the best way to structure and present information to maximise the value to the user and organisation. What you create could be the basis of what thousands of people use every day!

If you have a preference for a role in the IBM interactive labs as a user experience designer, please specify this in the additional information section of your application.

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Do you have a PhD?

We offer PhD applicants a salary of up to £32,000 in addition to all the normal benefits that we offer our graduate hires. If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply using the normal graduate route.

What we look for

You will need to:


Case studies

  • The DVLA joins forces with the Motor Insurers Bureau and IBM to tackle uninsured driving.

  • Wimbledon enhances the experience for tennis fans with augmented reality solutions.

  • CLS transforms worldwide foreign exchange trading with IBM.

  • Nationwide transforms its online banking with IBM.

  • Thanks to IBM’s e-commerce software and services solution, Arcadia’s TopShop brand successfully manages the launch of its Kate Moss clothing collection.

  • IBM helps Defra develop a noise mapping web portal that can provide the most comprehensive snapshot of noise pollution to public and planners.

  • Fabergé pushes boundaries to deliver luxury shopping experience on the Web.

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