With cloud, mobile, social and big data advances all happening at once and at lightning speed, technology is impacting the way that business run more than ever. At IBM we are helping business to overcome these changes, coming up with innovative solutions to some of world's toughest problems.

By joining IBM in one of our technology roles you will get to put an internationally renowned name on your CV. So if you're passionate about technology where better could you think to start your future than with a company at the forefront of the industry? We have global expertise and reach, right across a diverse spectrum - and as a result we offer a huge number of roles and career paths within the technology area.


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Software Developer
Software Developer
Technology Solutions Specialist
Technology Consultant
Software Consultant
Technical Writer

"What has always made IBM a fascinating and compelling place for me, is the passion of the company, and its people, to apply technology and scientific thinking to major societal issues."

Ginni Rometty


Threats to cyber security are increasing. IBM provide consultancy and technical support to help our clients improve their information risk and security management without compromising governance and compliance. The Information Security Graduate Programme aims to deliver the next generation of cyber security specialists.



On the IBM programme, you’ll develop your expertise in information security, and use your business consulting acumen to work collaboratively with our clients to design, build and implement pragmatic security solutions. You will be helping our clients analyse the problem, working with other parts of IBM, understanding the security architecture, and assist to implement and manage new security systems and security transformation programmes.

You can expect comprehensive training and development with IBM which includes the possibility of individual self-study leading towards CISSP, CISM and ISO27001 lead auditor qualifications. You’ll begin your career learning the basics of IBM and our Security Practice, working alongside experienced security experts on client engagements. Once you have mastered the basics, you’ll develop skills in other IBM process such as project management and methodology, solutions delivery and security assessment and design, while working with big-name clients where IBM have a security presence. Our aim is to help you move to a specialist security consultant as quickly as possible.

Flexibility is important, as you’ll be joining a versatile industry. You’ll need the ability to work with different teams but also independently, across the UK and sometimes Europe. You should expect to be taken out of your comfort zone and discover something new all the time – so a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn will be key.

Software Developer | £30,000


What the role involves

Our software engineers are responsible for the complete life cycle of a software product – from research and design, to implementation and testing, through training and support. As a software engineer you will work at the heart of IBM's software innovation and you could play a key role in many world-shaping, cutting-edge technologies.

Initially you’d be allocated to one particular product development team but during your first two years with IBM you’ll have the opportunity to work on a range of products and, consequently there will be opportunities to travel and work with other IBM Research and Development Labs around the globe.

You’ll be encouraged to have contact with IBM sales teams and customers, both in the Lab as well as on customer sites, to understand the needs of our clients as well as assisting IBM’s post sales teams – all of which will contribute to your own development as an engineer.

What we look for

You will need to:

Do you have a PhD?

We’re also interested in hiring PhD graduates with research interests relevant to the development of groundbreaking storage solutions. We offer PhD applicants a salary of up to £36,000 in addition to all the normal benefits that we offer our graduate hires. If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply using the normal graduate route.


Technology Solutions Specialist | £30,000


What the role involves

The term 'Technology Solutions Specialist' is fairly all encompassing. Our Specialists develop proof of concepts, design, develop, build, test and implement systems to solve our clients' business and IT problems.

As a hands-on professional you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of our products, offerings and services. This could involve any aspect of IT including Business Analysis, Database Design, Package Customisation and Implementation, Testing, Support, Networking and Junior Project management. You may also find yourself working alongside our sales teams, providing technical project knowledge and guidance to support the work that they do with our clients.

Within the development of a solution for a client, the IT Architect will design the solution initially – this will then be passed to you to make it work. As you can imagine, you’ll build and develop skills and in-depth knowledge of the products, offerings and services you're working with and turn high level visions and architectures into fully functioning solutions.

What we look for

Great Technology Solutions Specialists tend to be people who want to know how things work and who have a desire to fix things that don't!

Technical expertise and previous relevant work experience is unnecessary as we will provide you with all the technical training required.


You will need to:

Technology Consultant | £30,000


What the role involves

IBM is engaged with clients across all industries on some of the most relevant and exciting business and IT initiatives today – from intelligent transportation to smarter electricity management, from integrated commerce applications to improved healthcare. Our Technology Consultants play a critical role in these initiatives – analysing clients’ business challenges, designing innovative IT-based solutions and leading the technical aspects of their delivery.

Our graduate Technology Consultants focus on technical roles, growing a strong set of technical and consulting skills and then progressing onto solution design and technical leadership roles at increasing levels of responsibility.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s leading technology experts, learning from their experience as you take on increasing challenges and responsibilities and providing an opportunity for strong career growth.

Our ambition is to enable you to become one of IBM’s technology leaders - leading the complex, challenging and exciting Smarter Planet solutions – and growing into our next generation of Technical Advisors, Solution Architects and Technical Programme Managers.

During your first 2 years, you will move between different assignments, typically spending 3-9 months in each. These will give you the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies and to experience a number of varying roles, including:

What we look for

You will need to:

Do you have a PhD?

We offer PhD applicants a salary of up to £32,000 in addition to all the normal benefits that we offer our graduate hires. If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply using the normal graduate route.

Case studies

  • Thanks to IBM’s e-commerce software and services solution, Arcadia’s TopShop brand successfully manages the launch of its Kate Moss clothing collection.

  • Fabergé pushes boundaries to deliver luxury shopping experience on the Web.

Software Consultant | £30,000



On a smarter planet, software is changing how we live. We can travel from point A to point B in the most efficient and convenient way. We can access information and expertise just as it is needed. We can detect patterns to recognise and solve problems before they happen. Or seize new opportunities. Behind each of these examples is a business, industry or government using software in new ways. It enables every facet of their operations. It’s a developing model, and it comes with a new set of challenges and needs. Addressing those needs requires smarter software.

Come and help change the world by joining Software Group, roles include Software Services Consultants and Technical Sales Specialists:

Technical Sales and Solution Specialist

Technical Sales and Solution Specialists are responsible for establishing long term relationships with everyone in our customers from senior executives to technical specialists. They provide trusted advice and work with clients to provide expertise in solving their business challenges with high quality and innovative technical solutions across a wide area including, but not limited to, Mobile, Social Business, Analytics, Cloud and Security. They are passionate about what technology can achieve, and are excellent communicators. We are interested in candidates with a variety of backgrounds, and whilst some roles will suit those who have studied Computer Science, Maths, Engineering & Science subjects, others will suit candidates who have studied other subjects and who can demonstrate a strong technical aptitude or interest. All our specialists receive relevant education to develop both their technical and client facing skills.

Our Specialists work closely with the Sellers, teaming together to develop effective solutions for our clients. Typically this includes:

Software services consultant

Are you interested in designing & deploying cutting edge technologies to IBM's most prestigious clients? Would you like to be part of a team who are seen as Subject Matter Experts and who are engaged by IBM's largest customers to deliver exciting solutions that deliver real competitive advantage? If so, then Software Group Services is the team for you. We are a small team of Global technical experts who specialise in helping companies get the most of their IBM software solutions, ranging from Cloud, Mobile to Social Business and Analytics. Our knowledge is unrivalled to the extent our clients include IBM's own Consulting Services divisions to whom we sub-contract our services.

As a member of the team you will work alongside experts and gain experience on a variety of engagements across a variety clients across the UK. The skills you will acquire will empower you to grow rapidly into a variety of leadership roles and broaden your career aspirations. The team sits within the Software Development Lab organisation, and has unrivalled access to the Software developers, providing feedback that feeds back into future Software development.

As a premium Services organisation we are seeking individuals who have excellent communications skills, strong technical aptitude and passion to help our clients. For most roles we are looking for candidates with Computer Science, Maths, Engineering & Science degrees or similar. However some roles will be suitable for candidates with other degrees, and who are able to demonstrate strong technical aptitude or interest.

What we look for

You will need to:


Do you have a PhD?

We offer PhD applicants a salary of up to £32,000 in addition to all the normal benefits that we offer our graduate hires. If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply using the normal graduate route.




Technical Writer | £30,000


What the role involves

You will be responsible for designing and developing information for IBM products. Working with a wider team of developers, designers, and testers, you will quickly gain an understanding of the technical details, and produce documentation that explains those details in clear English. You will also advise the development team on style and language use within the product.

The role is wide ranging, and will allow you to develop many skills in addition to technical writing.

For example, you'll have the opportunity to work with:

You will work in a fast-paced environment, coordinating your workload with the wider team, but working independently. You will need to prioritise tasks, and be able to quickly switch between them.

What we look for

You will need to:


1. Within IBM, Technical Writers are generally referred to as “Information Developers” – and vacancies for this role might be listed under the “Information Developer” job title.

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