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The 2013 IBM UK Mainframe Challenge attracted entries from across the UK and all of the students below deserve special recognition for distinguishing themselves through their extraordinary enterprise computing accomplishments.

Stage 2 winners

The IBM UK Mainframe Challenge team would like to give special recognition to the students who managed to complete the extremely difficult Part 2 challenges. After many hours of debugging, programming, and learning to navigate a world-class enterprise system, all of the students distinguished themselves as mainframe masters.

Congratulations to all those students who completed Stage 2 and especially those who received a Raspberry Pi kit for their efforts!

Stage 3 winners

In order to win Part 3, students had to complete a series of extremely difficult and time-consuming tasks, mastering the inner-workings of mainframe software products, security protocols, multiple programming languages and various utilities. Students had three months to explore the system and complete the contest tasks. At the end of which the students had created a Web page that accessed data from DB2 via WebSphere MQ and CICS Transaction Server.

Congratulations to the following three students who won a Samsung Galaxy tablet:

Name University
Phillipp Egli University of Brighton
Matthew Malcomson University of Lancaster
Andrei-Alin Popescu University of East Anglia

Congratulations also to the top ten participating universities:

Hull, Manchester, Glasgow Caledonian, Bedfordshire, UEA, Birmingham, Imperial College, Lancaster, Nottingham & Leeds and we are aiming for an even greater number of registrations and winners this year!

The Challenge is currently closed.

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