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Think you can handle something bigger?Think you can handle something bigger?

Take the IBM Mainframe Challenge

Take the IBM Mainframe Challenge

Take the IBM Mainframe Challenge and you could win a Samsung Galaxy Tab, Raspberry Pi with set up kit and a hooded sweatshirt. Not to mention that you'll get unrivalled IBM experience.

In case you were experience with mainframes is necessary. We'll teach you everything you need to know!

Mainframes – the big players in IT

Mainframes make the world go round! Seriously, most of the biggest businesses in the world use mainframes for their most mission critical operations. If you've ever taken cash out of the wall, booked a flight or bought anything on the internet, you've probably used a mainframe.

What will I have to do?

It can all be done on your PC and will only take a couple of days in total to complete. You'll develop mainframe knowledge that you can put on your CV and learn how businesses use these powerful machines.

Prove your new abilities and you could win a hooded sweatshirt, a Raspberry Pi with set up kit, and the top 3 winners get a Samsung Galaxy Tab! Plus, the winners will visit IBM's Development Laboratory at Hursley (near Winchester) and see mainframes and other innovative technologies in action.

The Challenge is currently closed.

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