Great brands differentiate themselves through the design of their products and services. When IBM Design was established in 2012, we began a journey to transform how IBM conceives, builds and delivers products and services to our users around the world. We want to elevate the human experience as the principal benchmark; users - not raw technology or buyers - are now our North Star. Our strategy for doing this is simple, great IBM talent using great IBM practices.

Working with IBM Design you won't just make great products. You'll be part of a team crafting experiences that will delight are user and shape the future. We're changing the culture of software design from the inside out and we need talented individual to help spur our inspiration. Within IBM design you'll be at the heart of innovation and technology working on real-world issues helping to solve our client's toughest problems. So if you're passionate about solving critical and complex problems we'd love to hear from you.

There are two routes into IBM Design either:

User Experience Designer for Enterprise Software
User Experience Designer

User Experience Designer for Enterprise Software | £30,000


Welcome to a new era of design-led innovation. IBM Design engages and inspires forward-thinking individuals everywhere to impact humanity in ways that matter and endure. We’re looking for designers who will conceive, articulate and lead the future of IBM’s entire product portfolio. If you are passionate about solving critical and complex problems, interacting directly with end users, working with powerful technology, and ultimately delivering exceptional experiences through great design what are you waiting for?

What the role involves

IBM needs talented and motivated designers to lead an era of design-lead innovation at one of the largest software companies in the world. Designers will help to conceive and articulate the future user experience of IBM’s products. These positions are available to start immediately!

You will initially be allocated to one particular product area. Throughout your first 2 years with us, you will then be rotated through other product areas thus giving you an amazing opportunity to enhance your experience, network and product knowledge.

You will also have the fantastic opportunity to attend a three month design camp at our Austin, Texas location during the first year of your employment. Here you will be involved in an immersive and experiential week of

A design history steeped in greatness

Paul Rand, Ray and Charles Eames, and Eliot Noyes, with images of iconic IBM designs

We live in the shadow of what Eliot Noyes and the Eameses, Rand and Saarinen have done… It’s the same mission. It’s just different people.

Keith Yamashita, IBM Charles
and Ray Eames Brand Fellow

learning and hands-on practice that applies IBM Design Thinking to your project.

We are recruiting User Experience Designers, Design researchers, Visual Designers and Front End Developers.


To apply for the User Experience Designer for Enterprise Software role please send your CV and portfolio to

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User Experience Designer | £30,000


Welcome to a new era of design-led innovation.

The complexity of our advancing digital, social, and mobile world has reshaped user expectations. Eye-catching interactive designs are no longer the litmus test for marketing success; for a consistent brand experience across all platforms, technology is the solution.

Enter IBM Interactive Experience. IBM Interactive Experience is the next generation digital agency with a unique ability to imagine, discover, and deliver compelling user experiences. What’s more, we’re now the largest Digital Agency in the world* and& soon set to grow further, with $100m being invested in the Interactive Labs worldwide.

*Ranked by Adage, 2014

Along with this investment, we’re looking for exceptional talent to continue this growth and create the IBM leaders of tomorrow. If you are passionate about solving critical and complex problems, interacting directly with end users, working with powerful technology, and ultimately delivering exceptional experiences through great design, what are you waiting for?

User Experience Designer Role

Being part of the User Experience Design team means you will work alongside talented individuals and senior executives to illustrate the art of the possible, using new digital technologies. This means being at the heart of innovation and technology, helping to solve real-world issues, and transforming problems and ideas into solutions and opportunities for our clients and IBM.

Given IBM’s breadth of engagements, and since the Interactive Labs are supporting all business sectors, you will rapidly get exposure and gain knowledge across a broad range of industries and clients.

A User Experience Designer needs to understand the purpose of a mobile application, anticipate user’s wants and needs and create a user experience and journey which provides them with intuitive paths to perform these key tasks. This process includes both visual design; the look and feel of application to make it intuitively navigable as well as information architecture; finding the best way to structure and present information to maximise the value to the user and organisation.

What you create could be the basis of what thousands of people use every day!


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"There's one key to our future growth:
the client experience."

Ginni Rometty

“When somebody sees an IBM product, his first impression should be that it’s the very best of its kind. And that includes not only our customers and the public, but IBMers as well. For the appearance of our products is an integral part of the overall quality we know is there.”

Frank Cary
IBM CHAIRMAN, 1973-1983

“Any product with the IBM logo is an ambassador of the corporation. And each product’s design in an integral element of its quality. It’s not simply a matter of aesthetics; design reflects and enhances the company’s reputation and prestige.”

Richard Sapper
Industrial design consultant to IBM

Think magazine, No. 4, 1992

“Throughout its relationship with Charles and Ray Eames, IBM believed that if you educate society, you not only do a positive good, you also create a group of people who are better able to appreciate the work and products of IBM.”

Eames Demetrios
Grandson of the Eameses and Director, Eames Office

“Powers of 10 Day: An adventure in magnitudes,” Ideas from IBM