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Could you have the next big idea? Could you change the world in 12 weeks? Could you be one of the few? Are you ready to build a smarter planet?

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What is Extreme Blue?


So, what is Extreme Blue? The Extreme Blue Scheme is IBM's 12 week premiere summer internship program for top business and technical students.

The scheme is founded on three key elements: world-class talent, technology and business innovation. The team culture on Extreme Blue is all about: intensity, passion, innovation, fun and no boundaries.

Structure / timings

The Extreme Blue Scheme lasts for 12 weeks over the summer. Start dates vary from country to country, click on the links below to find out more detail about the country you want to apply for.

How it works

IBM Extreme Blue is no ordinary summer internship, it challenges top business and technical students to join forces and start something BIG. You’ll be part of a team where you’ll use your creativity and talent to develop the technology and business plan to address one of our clients’ business problems or bring a new product to life for IBM.

The project you’ll work on will vary from country to country; visit the Projects section of the website to see the sort of thing previous Extreme Blue students have worked on.

The culmination of your 12 weeks hard work will be a visit to the European Expo along with Extreme Blue students from across Europe.

Extreme Blue isn't for the faint hearted. It's about pushing boundaries. It's intense, challenging and tough. The projects are real. They move quickly, expectations are high and the results are subject to scrutiny.

Are you up for the challenge?

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