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Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Welcome to consulting careers at IBM

We believe the imagination and insight of our consultants can consistently and noticeably improve the world around us. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced professional, this is a career where you can develop in many different ways and turn your hand to a wide range of projects. If you’re the kind of person who seeks out opportunities and takes charge of your own development, IBM is the place for you.

Why IBM?

You probably already know that we’re a successful, global company. You may have heard about some of our work. But what is it that makes a career as a consultant at IBM truly different? Here’s what the people who actually work here have told us:

World-class clients

We make a point of partnering with creative, high-profile organisations – in fact, globally, we work with more than two thirds of the world’s 50 most innovative companies. In the UK, our clients include the BBC, Shell, the MoD, United Utilities, Marks & Spencer, BSkyB, O2, DVLA, DWP, Defra, Lloyds TSB and Barclays – to name just a few.

Work that matters

This isn’t just about the big projects. This is about projects that excite, inspire and push things forward. Projects that matter – not just to us, or our clients, but to the wider world. So, let your imagination run wild – and help us transform industries and professions with data, help us remake enterprise IT for the era of cloud, and help us create systems of engagement for enterprises. The opportunities are endless at IBM.

A rich variety of projects

If you’re not careful, niches can become trenches. Not here. The sheer scope of what we work on means you’ll have the opportunity to explore new types of projects, across nearly every industry area. Here, you’ll have the freedom to align yourself with the kind of projects that interest you – if you’re proactive and committed enough to seek them out.

Resources at your fingertips

The sheer breadth of IBM’s capability means your projects need never be restricted in scope. We’re home to expertise in everything from software and hardware through to construction and ecology. We also benefit from the backing of a global, highly-funded and highly-regarded research and development department – IBM Research – which regularly delivers breakthroughs in a range of areas, from studying solar energy in the Middle East to developing systems to help improve safety on city streets. So, if you believe your client could benefit from taking a broader look at the challenges they’re facing, you can speak up with confidence.

Award-winning training & development

We’ll put together a personalised career development plan that’ll map out a path to where you want to go. Then, you’ll be able to take advantage of the vast range of training available – from e-learning courses, to classroom tutoring. And the best thing is, where you take your career is entirely up to you.

Inspiring colleagues

If you want advice on a project, it’s never far away. After all, our culture’s built around collaboration. Rest assured, too, that you’ll have some inspirational people to turn to: some of our colleagues here have won Nobel Prizes, Turing Awards and MCA IT Consultant awards as well as countless industry accolades. Even in their lives away from work, our people accomplish amazing things. One of our consultants is an acclaimed photographer, who regularly shoots behind the scenes at Wimbledon. Another works with a charity that supports South African street children through education. Others are studying diplomas or post graduate degrees; are established writers; or have developed technical expertise in their own time – such as a carbon tracking or social network analysis. All of which, we find, makes for a far more interesting place to work.

Strength & stability

Innovation’s not something new to us. In fact, we’ve been pushing boundaries for over 100 years. We were behind the personal computer, the first ever calculator, the mainframe computer, the memory chip and games console chips. We’ve even developed NASA technology that enabled man to land on the moon, speech recognition and supercomputers that are used for everything from monitoring climate change to beating people at gameshows. Ours is a business with strong roots - and a healthy future of growth. Not because we want to tread the same paths to success. But because we’re intrigued. We’re fascinated by the future. And we’re constantly looking for the next big thing. Much like you.

Values you can be proud of

We live and work by strong ethical standards here at IBM. Every year, thousands of our employees give up many hours of their own time to volunteer and help local communities, schools and charities. But for us, all that isn’t enough. We want to arm our people with the tools and skills they need to become inspirational volunteers. So, we launched On Demand Community, a website for IBM employees (and retired employees) that hosts a vast range of tools and information to help you improve as a volunteer, as well as a searchable link to volunteer opportunities near you. You can even organise your own event, and draw on the skills of IBM consultants around the world. Find out more.

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