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How will we support you?

When you join Global Business Services, you become part of a far-reaching network of expertise. One that has developed and evolved over more than 100 years. Needless to say, then, that you won’t need to look far for advice, insight and support. But what else can you expect from us?

  • + Expand Work/life balance

    Our consultants are extraordinary people: they balance client commitments, travel, education, family and outside interests. And that’s why we’ve worked hard to create a workplace culture and environment that enables this to happen. So, we’ll give you the opportunity to work longer hours some days, shorter hours others; the ability to work from home or an IBM location nearer to home; and options such as part-time employment, leave of absence programmes and flexible work-week schedules. All of which means you can balance the demands of your job with your interests and home life with far more ease.

  • + Expand Flexible benefits

    We all have different lifestyles and needs. And that’s why IBM has created an award-winning flexible benefits program that’s been praised for its “maximum flexibility, choice, value, personalisation and responsiveness”.

    How does it work? When you join, you’ll enjoy a core set of benefits:

    You’ll then be given an Additional Benefit Fund, which you can either choose to take in cash, or use to add further benefits including childcare vouchers, health assessments, travel insurance and emergency care.

  • + Expand Compensation

    Your pay will be influenced not just by the success of the business, but by the results you deliver. As well as your monthly base salary, you can earn extra rewards from programmes such as profit-sharing bonuses, incentive plans or awards – depending on your role and the specific compensation programmes we have in place for a particular period. So, for example: when our business objectives exceed the plan and you perform at the highest level, you'll have the chance to be among the best-paid employees in the marketplace.

  • + Expand Culture

    Consulting is collaborative effort: most often, you’ll work as part of a project team. Early on in your career, you’ll learn from senior members of your practice and working side by side with other business and technology professionals from around the world. It is a fast-paced, stimulating environment. It’s full of challenge, but also filled with opportunities to grow, learn, develop and achieve. The potential is there for those who proactively seek it out.

  • + Expand Career planning

    We help our people take ownership of their careers and build their expertise. Every year, we’ll work together to document your goals and establish a Development Plan based around your aspirations. This helps you identify the skills you’ll need and see what prospects are available to improve those skills. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss your career ambitions, job satisfaction, priorities, skills and competency gaps with your manager.

  • + Expand Career paths

    While most traditional consulting firms offer a single route to a leadership position, we have four career paths that focus on our consulting, sales, project management and technical competencies. This works by focusing on your strengths and interests in one or more disciplines:

    What’s more, because you’ll be joining a large global organisation with many different business units, you’ll have access to career opportunities throughout IBM – including strategy, marketing, sales, finance and human resources, and many others. That’s something our competitors simply cannot match.

  • + Expand Support Network

    We want you to use your knowledge and expertise to help our clients solve their most-important business problems. And we’ll give you a comprehensive support network to enable you to do this. Your Career Manager will be there to guide you in planning your career and improving your performance. A Resource Manager will work with you to get you placed into assignments as soon as possible and, when you’re working on a project, you’ll of course have a Project Manager to set day-to-day objectives. We’ll also give you a ‘buddy’ – someone to welcome you into IBM, show you the ropes and be there for any questions you have.

  • + Expand Training

    Broadly speaking, we offer our consultants two types of education. Professional Development Education focuses on core consulting capabilities, delivery excellence including project management, leadership development and sales skills. Industry, Service Offering or technical education, meanwhile, focuses more on specific areas that are crucial to the industry or service offering you work within. As well as that, there’s a broad curriculum of training available. Everybody here has access to e-learning – allowing you to take the training you need, when you need it. There’s also classroom training and instructor-led workshops to help support and accelerate your development every step of the way.

  • + Expand Diversity

    Not only is diversity the right thing to do, it makes good business sense: after all, diverse ideas and approaches give our clients the best solutions. This is why we’ve developed a number of innovative programmes and policies, and created a culture that helps us all understand and appreciate the rich diversity of thought and perspective it brings.

    Our networking groups are one of our biggest strengths. Many companies implement their diversity strategies and policies via their managers or HR department. Here, it’s our people who identify issues and then work on solutions. For example, we’ve developed a Blue Talent programme, a unique Development Programme for High Potential Women and Ethnic Minorities.

    Diversity is an integral part of our make-up, and from the very top down, considered essential to our future success. It’s the way we’ve always done business, and it’s the way we intend to do business in the future.

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