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You won’t find a company that offers more challenges, potential and access to so many different resources. At IBM, we provide you with the ideal environment to advance your career.

We invite you to explore the many positions at IBM that will enhance your skills and knowledge.


Helping clients solve their most complex business problems

Our consultants help clients deal with their most complex business and technical issues. In business consulting, business analytics & optimization, business process design, systems integration and application design and management, our consultants transform the businesses of our clients by developing innovative solutions.

As an IBM consultant you’ll be working in a team-oriented environment that offers variety and intellectual challenge. You’ll team up with other talented professionals in an innovative and supportive workplace. You’ll learn valuable skills and enjoy unparalleled career, training and educational opportunities, with financial and other rewards linked to your growth and performance.

IT Specialist

Designing, implementing and maintaining complex IT solutions

IT Specialists represent IBM's ability to design, implement and maintain the complex solutions needed to solve our customers’ business problems.

IT Specialists are deployed across all of IBM's business units worldwide. Across these organizations, three broad client focus areas of IT Specialists are defined: services, technical sales, and technical support activities. IBM’s various business units require their employees to develop capabilities to satisfy their customer needs – client focus. As such an IT Specialist will need experiences and capabilities in three areas:


Providing solutions that best meet our clients’ needs.

IBM didn't become the world's leading technology powerhouse by just creating great products. We got where we are by selling great solutions. That's where you come in. Not only are our salespeople lucky enough to sell some of the world's most innovative IT solutions, they get to do so in one of the most dynamic and complex industries in the world.

IBM Sales professionals are responsible for the business relationship between clients and IBM, for the sale and support of IBM solutions, services, products and offerings, including those from IBM Business Partners. They work collaboratively to provide solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. The roles may specialize by industry, customer set, channel, brand, solution or offering.

IT Architect

The role of the IT Architect involves listening working with clients to understand their business requirements and define the structure of information technology solutions. As an IT Architect, you will assist clients on their hardware and software infrastructure and help them decide which platform is best for their applications. You may also lead the technical sales team in their proposal activity. There are roles that include Technical Sales Architects (which can be on a sales plan – see sales roles), or Test architects.

Most IT Architects begin their careers as IT Specialists where they can acquire the skills and experience required for the career of an IT Architect.

Project Management

Leading projects with ultimate accountability for their success

Project Management covers a broad range of roles that apply a variety of project management processes and tools. They are involved with leading projects and are accountable for their success. Some of their responsibilities include project scoping and planning, developing cost structure, tracking and reporting deliverables, and contract and risk management. The Project Management roles can include Quality Assurance, Measurements and Reporting Analysts, software process improvement specialists, Project Office management, Project administration and many others.

Software Development

Software Development and Support at IBM perform in different roles – Writers, Testers, IT Support, User Centred Design, Performance Testing, Development and Build. They work in IBM Software Group (SWG), the world's second largest software business.

Business Operations

The functions that keep our business running.

A number of job roles and business areas perform business operations, from Finance to Marketing, Human Resources to Legal and others.

Students- Internship (Delivery center Slovakia)

If you want to be challenged and stretched and use all the knowledge, skills and experience you’ve learnt at university so far, you have come to the right place. The work you undertake during your internship is really valued and you'll be given worthwhile, exciting things to do on real projects. You’ll be trusted and given real responsibility from day one. This means you can grow your knowledge, develop yourself, and get paid for it.

The duration of our internships may vary (depending on the projects you’ll be working on) and you could start anytime in the year. If you are thinking longer term - perhaps about a full-time contract - whilst we can't guarantee you a job offer upon completion of an internship, we can guarantee that all high performers will be seriously considered.

Through this program, you can build on your existing IT knowledge and skills but you'll also learn a wealth of new skills - not to mention that you'll find yourself working with leading edge technologies and alongside some of the best people in the industry.