Application process

So, what happens next. In this section we will give you information to help make your application to IBM successful.

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What we look for

The most successful people at IBM share a distinct set of characteristics. These begin with energy and creativity, along with a clear focus on delivering exceptional customer experience. Here’s an outline of the characteristics:

Top Tips

Here’s where we’ll give you our top tips on surviving the selection process! These may all sound simple and obvious, but you would be surprised what basic mistakes are made during our selection process.

Throughout the process think about the skills IBM is looking for and how you can demonstrate to us that you have these.

Application form

Our 3 top tips to help you get through the test are:


Submit a general application

You can also submit a speculative application. Click here to submit contact information. Complete the short form and attach your CV and we’ll notify you when a relevant position comes up.

Step 1

Select your search filters:

Step 2

When you find the job you are interested in then hit the ‘Apply Directly’ or ‘Add to Basket’ if you want to apply for multiple job positions.

Step 3

Complete the form to register and follow the instructions on the screen on how to apply and submit your CV.