Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

What we offer

IBM is a great place to work because we focus on achievement, not hours, and on our people, not projects. Quite simply, you are IBM's key to business success. And we are committed to creating a workplace culture and environment in which you can balance your career with your personal priorities.

We offer you various options to help you balance responsibilities at work and at home by offering various options.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible working

    IBM offers Flexible Working to its employees because it makes all round good business sense. The ability to work longer hours some days, shorter hours others; the ability to work from home or an IBM location nearer to home, means you can better balance the demands of your job with your interests and home life.

  • On Demand Community

    This is IBM's on-line volunteering community, which matches volunteers with community projects and rewards volunteer hours with funds or technology donations to people's chosen charities.

  • Diversity at IBM

    We have created a workplace that includes everyone and excludes no one. We have networking groups set up across the company that link into our Diversity Council, an umbrella organisation that covers the key areas of gender; ethnic groups; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender; and people with disabilities.

  • Opportunities

    IBM offers a range of benefits to its employees including the ITP pension plan, insurance, growth driven profit-sharing, commission, awards, company health care, flexible workplace and facilities, continued education, women’s network, mentor program, parental leave benefits as well as globally recognized professions.

    We offer subsidized gym or health club membership. At our HQ at Kista Allévägen you can use our gym, free exercise classes and a massage therapist at a subsidized cost. As an employee you'll get access to your benefits and additional discounts through our benefits portal.

  • Cash compensation

    We provide a cash compensation opportunity (including base pay, growth driven profit sharing, commissions, rewards and other forms of earnings) that will attract, retain and motivate high performing employees. Your pay will be strongly influenced by the results you deliver and our overall business performance. When our business objectives exceed the plan and you perform at the highest level, you'll have an increased earnings opportunity.

  • Stock plan

    IBM Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Employees may purchase IBM Corporation stock at a 5% discount from the market price on the date of purchase each pay period. Stock is purchased through convenient payroll deductions, to a maximum of 10% of an employee’s salary.

  • IBM Club Sweden

    This is our employee’s recreational club which you automatically become a member of when you become an employee. IBM Club Sweden organizes a whole range of events and family activities and has many different sections for example Skiing, Literature, Golf, Athletics, Sailing, Squash and Diving to name but a few. The purpose of IBM Club Sweden is to encourage and promote the interest of an employee and their families in sport, outdoor activities and other hobbies.

  • Locations

    IBM has offices based around Sweden – click here to see where.