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You probably already know that we’re a successful, global company. You may have heard about some of our work. But what is it that makes a career at IBM truly different? It’s the IBMers. Here’s what the people who actually work at IBM have told us:

Why I'm an IBMer

What does progress mean to IBMers


Meet the Global Marketing Center Romania team


Communication Specialist, Systems & Technology Group

  • - Why did you choose to work at IBM?

    I selected IBM, in the first instance, for its perfect stability in the market and for being one of the best brands in the world (as appreciated by international rankings), not to forget the competitive advantages they offered. Secondly, I appreciated a lot the fact that IBM, as a global company, has a clear set of values and high quality workforce in place. After several years of working in IBM, I chose to continue my career inside the company, taking advantage of new opportunities and joining the Global Marketing Center team, being motivated by the challenging projects ahead and by its very smart people. Every day I discover something that proves me that IBM is part of the top companies in the world and it fully deserves this position.

  • - What did you learn about IBM that you didn’t know before working here?

    I have found out that IBM, besides its overall strategy and brand force, has a strong passion for customer experience and focus on latest technologies (such as digital, mobile). It reinvents itself year after year and it gets involved in all sectors of the society, helping people make this world a better place - from managing traffic, to analyzing data, to fighting diseases with smart solutions based on IT.

    Even more important, it puts the IBMer at its center base and this differentiates IBM from any other company, it empowers the people inside and gives the brand one unique perspective: being employee centric.

    I studied the motto of the company: "THINK" and this proved to be the base of over 100 years of innovation at highest standards, there is more than a centennial of rich history and passion for value and this is something that helped me understand the force behind IBM.

  • - How did your job in the Global Marketing Center help you develop on your career path so far?

    Communications for the European Systems and Technology Group in IBM is challenging and at the same time puts me in the middle of things: different client projects, executive communication, employee designed communication, social media and press relations. Working for Europe, with all its mature countries gives me a bold perspective on how PR & Communication has to be done. The Global Marketing Center offered me the possibility to drive projects and interlock with teams from all over Europe; it enhanced my leadership skills and it proved to be a very good working place in order to grow further within the company.

    More than that, I do think that IBM is an open door company, where cooperation with worldwide professionals, leaders from IBM with careers of more than 20 years in the field gave me unique networking and relationship view. I am now a communications specialist with worldwide knowledge and experience, lucky enough to have met a great number of IT gurus.


Digital Marketing Specialist, MidMarket

  • - Why did you choose to work at IBM?

    Being part of IBM's unique culture of innovation and entrepreneurship was an opportunity I couldn't miss.

  • - What did you learn about IBM that you didn’t know before working here?

    I've learned that IBM's most important innovation really is the IBMer.

  • - How did your job in the Global Marketing Center help you develop on your career path so far?

    I have the great honor of coming to work to some of the smartest and most inspiring people I've ever known. There couldn't be a better self development environment.


Market Segment Management & Enablement Specialist, Enterprise

  • - Why did you choose to work at IBM?

    Throughout the recruitment process you start to understand whether the path you choose fits you or not. In my case, there were 3 major signs which indicated I was going in the right direction: the Smarter Planet initiative which for me meant creativity and progress; the interview with my stakeholders which meant openness, collaboration and future thinking; and last (but not least) the big THINK sign which welcomed me on my first day.

  • - What did you learn about IBM that you didn’t know before working here?

    In the beginning I just considered IBM another IT company.

    Once I started working I started to see it’s much more than this. For me, IBM is a creative company with a lot of focus on people empowerment and with a vision to create a smarter future.

  • - How did your job in the Global Marketing Center help you develop on your career path so far?

    I started in market research and wanted to expand in marketing so the current job came to me as a logic new step in my career. Currently I am involved in very interesting and creative projects which help me to understand the market and also allow me to think and come up with proposals of expressing results.