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We are currently accepting applications for a wide range of positions.

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The application process

STEP 1 – Submit your application

STEP 2 – The screening phase

Our recruitment team will assess your suitability for the position in terms of skills, level of experience and other job related criteria.

If suitable for a position you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team to organize a face-to-face or phone interview as a first round.

Due to the number of applications we receive you will only be contacted directly by a member of our recruitment team for an interview should your qualifications match one of our open vacancies, otherwise you will receive a notification from our automated tool and we’ll be asking you to keep an eye on our website for new job opportunities.

STEP 3 – Face-to-face interviews

You will be invited to a face-to-face interview with one of our recruitment consultants.

We will assess your skills based on past and current experience and we’ll provide you with guidance in your pursuit of a role at IBM. We’ll discuss where the role sits within the organization, discuss any specific job requirements, our career development framework and benefits.

The second interview will be with a hiring manager who will assess your experience.

Our process has been designed not only for us to understand if you are right for us, but also for you to understand if we are right for you – so take every opportunity you can to ask questions along the way.

STEP 4 – Language and marketing assessment

We will assess your foreign language skills and marketing knowledge through tests especially designed for each particular Job role.

STEP 5 – Stakeholder phone interview

We will invite you to attend a phone interview with our stakeholders in Europe, who will later be your Functional Manager and provide guidance on your job role within IBM Global Marketing Center.

STEP 6 – The outcome of your application

Depending on the specifics of the roles that we’re looking to hire into, feedback timeframes may vary. However, our recruitment team members will advise on what’s expected to happen in the weeks following the interview and inform you of the outcome of your application as soon as possible.