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Who we look for

Like every business, we’re looking for certain level of skills and experience for our roles. But the deal-breaker’s something far more personal: we want to see qualities that inspire us. Clearly, everyone’s different; but we’ve found that the people who are most successful at IBM – whether they’re experienced hands or students who have just started out – have a few things in common.


We look for people who are flexible when things change. How do you cope with changing demands, uncertainty and stress? Do you remain calm and composed? Can you demonstrate that you have successfully completed several projects or assignments with competing deadlines? Can you quickly think of new approaches and solutions in response to changing demands?

Teamwork & Collaboration

This competency is all about showing us how you work with others to achieve shared goals. Do you respect and value others’ differences? Do you easily build and maintain relationships with others? Do you offer support and help others and share your expertise with them to enhance the effectiveness of the team?


This competency focuses on how you communicate with others. Do you present oral and written information clearly, precisely and succinctly? Do you match the way you communicate with the requirements of the situation and your audience? Do you listen carefully to others, asking questions when necessary to ensure understanding?

Drive to achieve

This competency is all about being committed to success and accomplishing challenging goals. Do you take the initiative to learn new skills that will be useful for your future career? Do you learn about things beyond the scope of your current job or assignment? Do you display a high level of energy and motivation to produce work of the highest quality? Are you prepared to put in as much additional time or effort as is necessary to ensure high quality results?

Creative problem solving

This is all about using ingenuity, supported by logical methods and appropriate analysis, to propose solutions to problems. Do you conduct thorough fact-finding and analysis, anticipating any potential problems and then plan accordingly? Do you think ‘outside the box’ when proposing solutions to problems? Do you put forward new ideas for activities at university or work and offer innovative ideas to overcome challenges?

Client focus

This competency is all about being able to work with clients and anticipating their needs and responding appropriately. ‘Clients’ can be colleagues, study groups, lecturers or customers you may have worked for. Do you build rapport quickly and easily and think about a situation from their point of view? Do you recommend solutions that meet their needs? Do you respond to requests from them quickly and accurately? Do you act with the clients’ satisfaction as top priority?

Passion for the business

This is all about being able to demonstrate a passion for our company and the industry in which we operate. Do you know what IBM does, and what recent achievements we have had? Can you demonstrate knowledge of recent trends within the IT & Consulting industry? Are you enthusiastic and passionate about working for IBM?

Taking ownership

This is all about identifying and taking responsibility proactively for tasks and decisions in a timely manner. Can you demonstrate when you’ve accepted responsibility for mistakes and worked to correct them? Do you focus on resolving difficult situations rather than finding someone to blame? Do you anticipate potential problems with a project and then plan accordingly, implementing decisions with speed and urgency?


This is about showing us that you can demonstrate integrity and professionalism when dealing with others. Can you demonstrate that you have honoured commitments and projected a positive image of a group or society you were representing? Do you communicate openly and honestly with others and follow through on commitments made to colleagues or friends?

Meet us

Junior and Senior Professionals

Bogdan Alexandru Badea

Current Role: SAP Consultant
Insider tip: Be yourself, ask many questions and have patience.
University: Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Polytechnic University of Bucharest

  • - Why did you choose to work at IBM?

    After working in a small company during my university studies, I wanted to continue my career in a multinational company.I saw in IBM the opportunity to develop myself professionally.I also saw IBM as my chance to meet new people from all over the world. After a period of time, I started to understand what it is IBM all about and I am confident that i have taken the right decision.

  • - How did you start and what are your responsibilities?

    I was part of an Internship Program for three months in which I managed to develop my communication skills and my knowledge of SAP technology. After that, I was given the opportunity to continue working as a SAP Business Intelligence Consultant.

  • - What did you learn about IBM that you didn't know before working here ?

    IBM is more than a company. Since my first week here, I started to feel like i am part of it; people are great and have numerous opportunities to develop my skills and grow my career. Everybody encouraged me to ask questions.

  • - How do you see your career developing?

    I hope to develop my technical skills as well as gaining team-leading experience so that in the future I can "give back" what I have learned throughout my experience as an IBMer.

Mihaela Steluta Jurnolea

Current Role: Data Specialist trainee
University: Faculty of Economic Cybernetics,Statistics and Informatics, Academy of Economic Studies
Insider tip: Be confident and you will succeed.

  • - Why did you choose to work for IBM?

    I choose to work for IBM because is one of the top IT companies in the world and I think that is the best opportunity for me to develop a career in IT domain.
    The work environment is a pleasant one and your colleagues will give you all the help you need. It is indeed "an opportunity company" especially due to the variety of courses that employees can attend.

  • - How did you start and what are your current responsibilities?

    I started as an intern during the IBM Internship Program organized in the Fall of 2012. During this time, I have learned what are the steps for building a smarter career and how to become a professional in every thing i do.
    Now I'm working as a Data Specialist in one of the biggest projects, involving people from 3 different countries.

  • - What did you learn about IBM that you didn't know before working here?

    I would have never believed that in IBM I can find such a friendly environment and people so dedicated in what they do.

  • - How do you see your career developing?

    Through the variety of projects and technologies used, IBM can help me improve both my technical and nontechnical skills and grow professionally.

Diana Petruta Gherasim

Current Role: Application Developer
University: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Insider tip: Express yourself, be a team player, improve yourself from the first interview and never stop; be positive and self-confident, there are so many people who want you to progress.

  • - Why did you choose to work at IBM?

    When asking an IT-ist 'Why IBM?' is like asking a car racer 'Why Formula 1?'. It is simple, IBM is among the best companies in IT field - for good reasons, is a place for ambitious persons who have and meet high expectations.

  • - How did you start and what are your responsibilities now?

    I started with a 3 months internship in a great team - part of it here, in Romania and the other in IBM France. From the very beginning I loved the idea of working with people from other cultures.
    I received all the support I needed from my colleagues, I learned a lot from them. I also improved my technical and soft skills, a process that will never end. In this moment I am fully integrated in the IBM family, I am in continuous improvement, I am enthusiastic, I am pleased to share my knowledge and my experience and officially, I am an Application Developer.

  • - What did you learn about IBM that you didn't know before working here?

    Before working in IBM I just knew all the official things about the company, and others opinion about different jobs in the company. IBM is more than what we read on the internet, IBM is human oriented, IBM has special treatment regarding the employees, IBM is fun too, IBM encourages the 'give back' concept with stubbornness; all this things about IBM are not on the internet yet.

  • - What do you expect from IBM?

    I expect to have a natural win-win collaboration.