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Job areas

At the IBM Global Services Delivery Centre Polska in Katowice you’ll have the chance to put your skills to work helping our clients get the most out of their IT investment and have a direct impact on our clients’ performance. You won’t just be solving IT problems, you’ll be meeting business needs through innovative IT solutions for global companies.

Our IT Specialists will provide server, database, network and application management services in IBM customers' environments and technical support:

Level 1

Technical Support will involve direct contact with users and clients, helping them to solve IT problems that occur directly at the user's workstation or on their company's servers; if a problem cannot be immediately solved, it will be logged and escalated to Level 2 Technical Support for further analysis and resolution;

Level 2

Technical Support will focus on making changes to software or hardware configuration in order to resolve a problem. If resolving a problem requires changes in the code, then it is escalated to Level 3 Support (for example, to the vendor of the software or hardware product).

The IBM Global Services Delivery Centre Polska in Katowice will also provide implementation services, project management services, and enterprise IT process management services.

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