Extreme Blue Summer Internship

What is Extreme Blue?

There are summer internships, and then there's Extreme Blue. Think of it as the opportunity to solve strategic client cases, but with the support, expertise and backing of one of the worlds leading technology companies. Extreme Blue at IBM isn't your average summer internship. It's 12 weeks of intense creative thinking.

Working in a small team of students, you'll tackle a strategic challenge of one of IBM's clients. Your task? Develop an idea to solve it – one that no one else has thought of – and then, turn that idea into a real product or service. When the 12 weeks are up, you'll showcase it to our clients and IBM executives. Expectations will be high and the results will be scrutinised closely. So, it's not an easy ride – but we guarantee it'll be an incredible experience.

Where else could you experience all this…?

What opportunities do we offer?

This summer, IBM Netherlands will host five Extreme Blue projects at strategic clients. Guided by IBM experts you will go through a challenging process of innovation and creativity to develop your ideas into an end solution. Besides being mentored, by business and technical consultants, you will also take part in brainstorming, presentation skills, and personal development workshops. The technical feasibility of the solution created by your team will be demonstrated by a proof of concept and the economic value by a business case. Extreme Blue is also an excellent chance for you to explore IBM as a potential employer.

Student Profiles

We are looking for motivated technical and business students who are daring, creative and have a passion for innovation. You should have an entrepreneurial mind and be able to think 'outside the box'. If you are curious in nature, willing to work in a team environment, wish to challenge the conventional ways, and want to make a Smarter Planet, apply! Students should be in the final phase of their Bachelor or Master studies.

Student Testimonial – Helen Copeland, IBM Consultant in Business Analytics and Optimisation

I applied for Extreme Blue after attending a workshop run by IBM at the university in which I did my Masters: Maastricht. This workshop allowed me to see a new side of IBM which I was not expecting - not the 100 year old computer company which I had previously imagined it was - but a company in which innovation is at the forefront of their way of working.

After successfully passing the application rounds I landed a place as the Business student in a team composed of three other technical and business/technical students. My role was primarily focused on researching and writing the business case, understanding what the business requirements are and translating these into technical requirements and presenting to the client at weekly meetings (scary at first but very enjoyable afterwards!).

Our client was a large construction company in the Netherlands - an industry in which I had never worked before, therefore, I was quite nervous at first about how I could add value here! However, working in the dynamic and supportive environment which Extreme Blue gives (the mentors are excellent!), surrounded by the best in class students from around the world, in a situation in which innovation and crazy ideas are encouraged really helped me and my team to shine.

What I learned the most during Extreme Blue was really that crazy ideas are not always that crazy - in fact they can really inspire the client to see how these can fit and help improve their business. In terms of skills, I learned how to think and act fast, be adaptable to constantly changing demands and situations, how to present (and the value of dry runs!) and most of all - how to interact with clients.

Immediately after Extreme Blue, I wrote my masters thesis with IBM - based on patents (also inspired in part by Extreme Blue). I am now working as a consultant in the Business and Analytics practice within IBM. Here the skills I leaned during Extreme Blue have been vital, especially the acting and thinking fast, and interaction with clients. In addition, I have been lucky enough to be able to help with the interviews of the new potential students for Extreme Blue (all very impressive!), be a Business Mentor to one of the Extreme Blue teams and attend the Expo of the last years teams in Amsterdam.

I can honestly say that this experience helped me gain the vital skills require to be a consultant within IBM, as well as allowing me to gain some life long friends, create vital networks and of course, have a very very fun and worthwhile summer

What kind of projects will you work on?

It really could be anything. Here are a couple of great examples:


The challenge of Unicef was to find a creative way to engage young donours (18-35 years old), the people who do not typically donate to charities. A lot of charities get involved in sports events, and the Extreme Blue team for Unicef found a fresh way of involving sports and charity in an interactive way. The app created, Victorious, allows for any user to bet on exercising. If the person exercises, the money bet goes back to them. However, if the person does not deliver, the money is transferred to Unicef as a donation. This platform is great because it encourages commitment and offers many ways for one to enjoy it.


The Dutch railway company NS asked an Extreme Blue team to personalise the experience of their consumer. In the Netherlands, most young people stop using the train after they graduate because the service stops being for free. NS approached Extreme Blue with the intention to remedy this problem and the team presented a very fresh solution to this challenge, Journify. By using data like social media information, the NS has the possibility of predicting well and thus accommodating future needs of consumers in an individual way. The solution allows for NS to position itself in a more engaging way with the youth and solve their problem of diminishing young consumers after university.

What we offer?

Impression of Extreme Blue Benelux:

Extremeblue. Watch the video (00:03:57) 

Look forward to a bright future

The benefits of Extreme Blue will last well into your future career. And, if you’re looking to return to IBM as a graduate, although we cannot guarantee you a job, we’ll do everything we can to make it possible.

Apply now

Send CV and motivation letter to Extreme Blue at before the 17th of April.