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Willen we de wereld slimmer maken, dan hebben we behoefte aan een constante stroom nieuwe en gevarieerde ideeën. Daarvoor hebben we een divers team nodig dat goed samenwerkt en waarin op verschillende manieren wordt gedacht. Mensen met een unieke achtergrond. Met tegenstrijdige ideeën. Met afwijkende gezichtspunten.

We hanteren dit gevarieerde gedachtegoed al lang en het heeft ons geholpen bedrijven en hele sectoren radicaal te veranderen. Nu we ernaar streven slimmere systemen te ontwikkelen waarmee de grote wereldproblemen kunnen worden aangepakt, is diversiteit belangrijker dan ooit tevoren.

Misschien is dat de reden waarom we bij IBM diversiteit een tikkeltje serieuzer nemen dan andere bedrijven. Het is een integraal onderdeel van onze aard en een cruciaal onderdeel van ons succes in de toekomst.

Kom bij IBM werken, en wie u ook bent en wat uw situatie, voorkeur of achtergrond ook is: u zult er een sfeer van insluiting aantreffen, van flexibel werken, gelijke kansen en prachtige carrièremogelijkheden voor iedereen. Een sfeer waarin de bijdrage van ieder persoon werkelijk wordt gewaardeerd. Zo werken we al jaren! En we zijn van plan onze concurrentiekracht nog jaren te behouden.

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Did you know... 1899. IBM hired women and people from ethnic minorities. 1914. IBM hired its first employee with a disability. 1953. IBM wrote its first Equal Opportunity policy letter. 1987. Over 25 years ago we became one of the first employers to include sexual oriantation in our Equal Opportunities policy. 2011. IBM celebrated its Centennial.

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Name: Barbara
Position: Manager Mid Market for ISV Austria

My name is Barbara Jax and I'm the Manager Mid Market for ISV Austria.

I am continuously fascinated by the numerous possibilities that IBM offers and the various departments one can work for. With creativity and one's own initiative it is possible to tread unusual ways.
For me, IBM is a great place to work because IBM provides the infrastructure and the willingness to find solutions with its employees to handle new situations in life, such as children. Even during my time as part-timer I received qualified jobs that met my skills and knowledge, which is definitely a unique feature of IBM.

During my time in school I always had an affinity for mathematics. Originally, I considered studying architecture but got fascinated by new studies combining informatics and business administration. I accomplished my degree in Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology. I have been working for IBM already during my time as a student; in the sales department for medium-sized companies. They hired me in 1994 directly after my studies.

I started with the sales trainee program at IBM. Since then, I have held various positions during my career such as sales positions, various innovative roles, and people management roles. I was always interested in new possibilities.

Due to my Business Informatics degree, IT has never been an obstacle for me, Instead, my deep understanding for IT has always provided me with a special understanding of the customer's needs.


Name: Susana
Position: IT Specialist for Business Integration

My name is Susana Prestel Kern and I´m IT Specialist for Business Integration Services/Application Development and Maintenance in Global Business Services in IBM Austria.

For me IBM represents a variety of possibilities: leading edge technologies to learn and apply, challenging projects I can be part of and top experts, interesting and passionate colleagues and clients I can communicate with to elaborate suitable IT solutions for our clients’ businesses.

Growing up in Bolivia I was very passionate for mathematics and logic and originally intended to study mathematics. It was my mother (!) who promoted informatics, at that time a very young discipline, as my way to go. I was not that convinced and began to study informatics and mathematics in parallel. Now I am sure informatics was the right choice for me.

After my graduation in informatics I joined the former IBM Vienna Software Development Laboratory because I wanted to work on leading edge technology and to participate in the creation of products that are used worldwide. Since then I was working in different organizations within IBM ranging from the development of standard applications to the development of custom IT solutions for IBM clients.

IBM offers many opportunities and diverse areas to learn, work and grow. In earlier years I sometimes thought I should move to other companies in order to broaden my experience and to learn how they function and operate. Now, since working at IBM Global Business Services I realized, I even have that possibility while working for IBM.