Join our team of consultants and work on real projects with the brightest minds, around the globe. You’ll learn how to use our industry-leading research, advanced analytics and latest technology to solve our clients’ complex business issues. And you’ll discover some of the most innovative and flexible approaches, based on global expertise and world-class training.

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As a consultant you’ll become part of a global community and you’ll join our training program called ‘Consulting by Degrees’. As part of this, you’ll work directly with your management team to chart your career path – fast-tracking your opportunities for promotions and training. Once you’ve completed the program, we’ll work with you to find the specialism that best fits your skills and career goals. While making sure there’s room to balance your work with your life, of course.

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What do we do? We are helping to bring clean water to third world countries; championing efforts to combat climate change; helping traffic flow more freely; and helping consumers get more from mobile technology. A lot more than your average organisation, wouldn’t you agree?

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Business Consultant | €31,000

What the role involves

Business and technology. These are the areas our consultants excel in – working closely with clients to explore complicated challenges, offering crystal-clear advice and developing solutions.

As a Business Consultant, you will focus on various aspects of our clients’ business, including strategy and processes, asset management, transformational projects and organisation and people change. Business Consultants regularly move between assignments, providing a rich variety of experience and the opportunity for strong career growth. A typical project role could be working as a developer on the technical team responsible for designing, building and testing the technical solution for the client. Or you could be working with a client as a business analyst to help gather and define client requirements, such as how their website will operate. Depending on the project, you will spend 3 months to a year in each role, before moving onto another assignment, giving you the opportunity to experience a number of varying roles

As your skills and experience grow, you’ll help deliver solutions for our clients’ most challenging business problems. You could develop as a generalist consultant or specialise in one area, ultimately becoming one of our next generation of Business Analysts, Project Managers or industry specialists.

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Case studies

  • Coventry launches first UK city’s mass online brainstorm: CovJam.

  • Recipharm rolls out SAP solution in just seven months.

  • BAT rationalises global leadership development.

  • Flying through check-in with Ryanair.

Technical Consultant | €31,000

What the role involves

IBM is engaged with clients across all industries on some of the most relevant and exciting business and IT initiatives today – from intelligent transportation to smarter electricity management, from integrated commerce applications to improved healthcare. Our Technical Consultants play a critical role in these initiatives – analysing clients’ business challenges, designing innovative IT-based solutions and leading the technical aspects of their delivery.

Our graduate Technical Consultants focus on technical roles, growing a strong set of technical and consulting skills and then progressing onto solution design and technical leadership roles at increasing levels of responsibility.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s leading technical experts, learning from their experience as you take on increasing challenges and responsibilities and providing an opportunity for strong career growth.

Our ambition is to enable you to become one of IBM’s technical leaders - leading the complex, challenging and exciting Smarter Planet solutions – and growing into our next generation of Technical Advisors, Solution Architects and Technical Programme Managers.

During your first 2 years, you will move between different assignments, typically spending 3-9 months in each. These will give you the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies and to experience a number of varying roles, including:

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What we look for

You will need to:


Case studies

  • The DVLA joins forces with the Motor Insurers Bureau and IBM to tackle uninsured driving.

  • Wimbledon enhances the experience for tennis fans with augmented reality solutions.

  • CLS transforms worldwide foreign exchange trading with IBM.

  • Nationwide transforms its online banking with IBM.

  • Thanks to IBM’s e-commerce software and services solution, Arcadia’s TopShop brand successfully manages the launch of its Kate Moss clothing collection.

  • IBM helps Defra develop a noise mapping web portal that can provide the most comprehensive snapshot of noise pollution to public and planners.

  • Fabergé pushes boundaries to deliver luxury shopping experience on the Web.


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