Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

What we offer

Working at IBM is not just about your day-to-day job. When we hire you, we have your long-term professional life in mind. To thrive and grow, you need an employer that values the less tangible - but no less critical - benefits that make work a pleasure and a fulfilment: benefits such as flexibility to help you manage family life; greater freedom in charting your career development; more say in shaping the company's products and culture. When it comes to having competitive compensation and benefits - tangible and intangible - IBM has long been a leader, and remains so today.


Key Benefits

Your life

IBM is a great place to work because we focus on achievement, not hours, and on our people, not projects. Quite simply, you are IBM's key to business success. And we are committed to creating a workplace culture and environment in which you can balance your career with your personal priorities.

We offer you various options to help you balance responsibilities at work and at home by offering various options.

  • Flexible working

    IBM offers Flexible Working to its employees because it makes all round good business sense. The ability to work longer hours some days, shorter hours others; the ability to work from home or an IBM location nearer to home, means you can better balance the demands of your job with your interests and home life.

  • On Demand Community

    This is IBM's on-line volunteering community, which matches volunteers with community projects and rewards volunteer hours with funds or technology donations to people's chosen charities.

  • Diversity at IBM

    We have created a workplace that includes everyone and excludes no one. We have networking groups set up across the company that link into our Diversity Council, an umbrella organisation that covers the key areas of gender; ethnic groups; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender; and people with disabilities.

Your Health

We offer a range of personal benefits such as medical schemes, health screening, wellness programmes and insurance programmes.

We try to be as flexible as possible, so you choose what is appropriate for your personal needs.

Your Money

At IBM we understand the importance of knowing about your pay and benefits. IBM’s total compensation package ensures you are paid competitively for your performance, knowledge, and skills.

As well, our wide variety of benefits provides you with the resources and peace of mind you need to focus on IBM’s key business objectives.

  • Cash compensation

    We provide a cash compensation opportunity (including base pay, growth driven profit sharing bonus, commissions, rewards and other forms of earnings) that will attract, retain and motivate high performing employees. Your pay will be strongly influenced by the results you deliver and our overall business performance. When our business objectives exceed the plan and you perform at the highest level, you'll have an earnings opportunity that aims to place you amongst the best paid in the marketplace.

  • Profit sharing

    By linking a portion of your pay to business results, you have a personal stake in IBM's performance. Growth driven profit sharing bonus payout ranges are based on how well the company performs against business objectives and your own performance for the payout year.

  • Stock plan

    IBM Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Employees may purchase IBM Corporation stock at a 5% discount from the market price on the date of purchase each pay period. Stock is purchased through convenient payroll deductions, to a maximum of 10% of an employee’s salary.


We look for people who will focus on building their expertise continuously in line with the ever-changing business environment. Continuous learning and development is therefore key for you and your career at IBM.

  • Skills Development

    Whether you're looking for online or classroom courses offered by IBM's professional communities, you'll find them on the Learning@IBM website. Universal access to thousands of internal e-learning modules is included, so you can take the courses you need at your convenience. You can also reference leading business and technical publications, all providing you with the opportunity to learn and grow – key differentiators in today’s ever changing marketplace.

  • Commercial Skills Development

    In addition to top-notch professional skills, IBM focuses on in-depth industry and technical training to keep you up to date on emerging technologies and skills valued in the marketplace.

  • Certification

    Professionals can gain IBM certification within Professions. IBM certification is awarded to individuals who are working at a defined and sustained standard of excellence, and who demonstrate this through their experience, their projects and their education. IBM Certification is similarly organised for all Professions and is based on the evidence of demonstrated capabilities and skills, and reviewed by your peers covering: experience, knowledge, education, business contribution and personal contributions.

  • Academic learning assistance program

    IBM provides assistance for external education in addition to our internal training offerings to help you keep your skills aligned with our business goals.

Career Development

We’re a company that’s dedicated itself to creating a smarter planet and to do this we need smart people. That’s why, when you join IBM, you’ll be surrounded by a diverse set of the best and brightest minds anywhere. For you, this means collaboration and a fast tracked career path. You’ll learn more, contribute more and feel more valued in an environment where everyone has the same goal, and the same passion to make the planet we live on smarter.

IBM’s personalised career development programs will help you move in exactly the direction you want to. And the tools, technology and support available to you will help you get there. Fast.

  • Individual development plan

    Your career path will be as individual as you are. You might choose to move vertically, you might prefer to deepen your knowledge in your field of expertise or you might decide to make lateral moves to broaden your range of skills. Whichever path you choose, you will create an individual development plan each year to help you to continue to grow. It helps identify the skills you need to fulfil current and future business commitments, and the available prospects to improve those skills. It is also a great opportunity to discuss your career aspirations, job satisfaction, skills and competency gaps, and priorities for learning with your manager.

  • Personal Business Commitments

    IBM's success depends on how well all employees achieve individual goals and contribute to the company's strategic objectives. The PBC program is the means by which all IBM employees worldwide set their goals for the year and get evaluated on their performance. This program reinforces IBM's high-performance culture and differentiates employees based on their contribution to the company. To sustain marketplace leadership, we maintain an environment where every employee is rewarded to encourage them to perform at an exceptional level.

  • Management training

    Is management your goal? IBM has an award-winning management development program that can enable you to develop effective leadership skills to help you move ahead as you lead in a high-performance culture.

  • Career roadmaps

    We have produced career roadmaps that help plan your career within IBM. These maps will help identify what skills you need and how to gain proficiency in these. They also detail what specific experiences you need and projects you need to have worked on to move up the next step on the career ladder. They will help you understand what relevant education you need and will show you, where appropriate, when you will be able to achieve professional accreditation within your profession. They are essentially a guide and a map to help you plan your career.

  • ‘Your career’ portal

    We have created the ‘Your career’ website to help you manage your career in IBM. All the things you need to perform online career-related tasks and activities are accessible in one easy place – from managing your objectives to creating your Individual Development Plan. This tool also helps you find available projects, jobs, mentors and provides a personalised all-in-one status of your career development tasks and activities.

  • IBM Professions

    The IBM professions structure provides career paths for skills and capability development with job categories and job roles. If you ever face any professional, career and development challenges, an excellent source of support is the IBM Professions community. There are communities of practitioners with similar skills sets, who share best practice and intellectual capital.