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At IBM Digital Sales, we understand the importance of training and education for your success. We encourage you to follow your passion – by learning new skills, working across different disciplines or moving into new challenges. Anything is possible with our award-winning, customised professional development and leadership training. In fact, on average, every IBM employee takes advantage of more than 80 hours of training a year.

To get you started, you will attend a three week new hire training program. This will enable you to get to know more about IBM and what we do, and to get you off to a fast start here. You will also start to build your network of friends and colleagues who have joined with you and, of course, you’ll get to work with your new team. As the world is constantly changing and IBM provides solutions to match the ever changing needs of our clients, so too will you be able to take advantage of our comprehensive training and education offerings to help you to grow into your current and future roles.
Because you’ll need a variety of skills to be successful here we have designed our education program to cover everything you may possibly need.

The main focus areas are: