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As one of the world's largest companies IBM offers the scope to develop a long-term career path. When you join the IBM Digital Sales centre in Dublin you are taking the first step on that path, and opportunities to progress thereafter are based firmly on your performance and your ability to grow your selling skills.

Elsewhere on this site you will find details of the excellent education and training we give, to equip you to tackle progressively more complex deals. As you demonstrate a higher skill set and develop more confidence in your abilities you will in due course become a candidate for promotion. Ultimately that may lead to managing other sellers or simply being recognised as an 'expert' in your brand/language to whom other less experienced colleagues will look to for advice. Most of our current management team have come to their position by building ability in a succession of roles. All would agree that progression in a sales career is enabled by performance.

Once you are an 'IBMer' with a few years experience you may decide to use that to move in a different career direction within our company. But a rewarding career in sales can begin with that initial role in IBM Digital Sales in Dublin.

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