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International Shared Service Center


IBM's International Shared Service Center (ISSC) in Budapest was founded in 2004. Our centre is one of the most significant investments in the Hungarian service industry in recent years. With its highly qualified and multilingual staff (all together we support in 25 languages, 6 geographies served over 50 countries), the Center provides back-office and call-center services for IBM's own operations and global customer set. Some of the services that ISSC provides include: process support for human resources, customer services, accounting and financing.

IBM ISSC offers services to businesses and organizations to help them transform the way they operate enabling them to be more efficient, effective and responsive to market demands. IBM offers businesses the option of outsourcing non-core activities bringing benefits in both cost and quality. Many business processes which have traditionally been managed in isolation and repeated across an organization such as HR, payroll, customer support, order processing can be standardized and centralized. Within the integrated business model, companies no longer have to replicate themselves floor to ceiling for every office, department, brand or country.

The decision to create ISSC in Hungary is based on the availability of skills, the qualified workforce, a rich cultural background and the stable and attractive economic/political conditions. ISSC employees benefit from good working conditions, various employee benefits and IBM training. Since it was established in 2004, ISSC has continuously expanded its activities and headcount. Currently, it has 8 various functuions, two of the located in the Infopark, where IBM Hungary is also located (Customer Relationship Management Centre and EMEA Accounting Centre), two functions are located at the DunaTower (IBM Global Financing and Internal Controls and Testing) while all other functions are to be found at the headquarters, in CityGate.