Application process

Ok, so we've whetted your appetite and now you want to know what happens next. Questions are buzzing around your head… What are they looking for? How do I apply?

Don’t worry, those questions are all answered, and in this section we'll give you all the 'must have' information to help make your application to IBM successful.


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What we look for

To apply for a student role, you will need to be at university or college and have at least 6 months (preferably 1 year) of studying ahead of you.

For business roles:

You need to be studying for a business related degree and have excellent leadership, communication, planning and teamwork skills.

For technical roles

You should be studying a technical, scientific or numerical degree and have excellent analytical, problem solving and teamwork skills - along with a talent for programming.


How do you cope with changing demands and stress? Are you flexible? Have you successfully completed several projects with competing deadlines?


Do you present information clearly, precisely and succinctly? Adapt the way you communicate to your audience? And listen to others?

Client focus

Can you see a situation from a client’s viewpoint, whether that’s colleagues or customers? Can you anticipate their needs?

Creative problem solving

Do you use ingenuity, supported by logical methods and analysis, to propose solutions? Can you anticipate problems? Do you put forward innovative ideas?


Will you proactively learn new skills – even if they’re beyond the scope of your current job? Will you put in the time and energy needed to achieve results?


How do you work with others to achieve shared goals? Do you easily build relationships with others? Are you a team player?

Passion for IBM

Do you know what IBM does and what our most recent achievements are? Are you up to speed with the latest trends in our industry? What are the biggest challenges we face? (You’ll need the facts at your fingertips and the enthusiasm to match.)

Taking ownership

Do you take responsibility for tasks/decisions? And implement decisions with speed? Can you show when you’ve worked to correct your mistakes?

Top Tips

Here’s where we’ll give you our top tips on surviving the selection process! These may all sound simple and obvious, but you would be surprised what basic mistakes are made during our selection process.

Throughout the process think about the skills IBM is looking for and how you can demonstrate to us that you have these.

Application form


Job search and apply

To search through all jobs that we have available at present, please click here.

1. Select your search filters:

2. When you find the job you are interested in then hit the ‘Apply Directly’ or ‘Add to Basket’ if you want to apply for multiple job positions.

3. Complete the form to register and follow the instructions on the screen on how to apply and submit your CV.

Submit a general application
You can also submit a speculative application. Click here
Complete the short form and attach your CV and we’ll notify you when a relevant position comes up.

Vanessa Gough’s Top Tips
Vanessa is a Professional Development Manager at IBM.