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Experienced Professionals

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Working at IBM is not just about your day-to-day job. When we hire you, we have your long-term professional life in mind.

We encourage you to follow your passion – by learning new skills, working across different disciplines or moving into new challenges.

In short, we believe that global innovation demands not just a diverse range of employees but also the right work/life initiatives that will sustain them, and make them want to stay with us. That’s why IBM gives you the power to design your workday, and your life, according to your unique styles and needs.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexible hours

    We focus on achievement, not hours, and on our people, not projects. The ability to work longer hours some days, shorter hours others; the ability to work from home or at an IBM location nearer home, means you can better balance the demands of your job with your interests and home life.

  • Flexible benefits

    Our benefits package is highly flexible so it can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and personal circumstances. We offer a range of personal benefits - from private healthcare, health & wellness programmes to different discount schemes.

  • Compensation

    Sales and bonus plan commissions, rewards and other forms of earnings all give you the chance to add to your base salary. So, when our business exceeds expectation and you perform at the highest level, you'll have the opportunity to become one of the best paid in the marketplace.

  • On Demand Community

    This is IBM's on-line volunteering community, which matches volunteers with community projects and rewards volunteer hours with funds or technology donations to people's chosen charities.

  • Diversity at IBM

    We have created a workplace that includes everyone and excludes no one. We have networking groups set up across the company that link into our Diversity Council, an umbrella organisation that covers the key areas of gender; bi-cultural groups and people with disabilities.

  • IBM Employee Stock Purchase Plan

    Employees may purchase IBM Corporation stock at a discounted rate from the market price on the date of purchase. Stock is purchased through convenient payroll deductions of an employee’s salary.

  • Locations

    IBM has offices based around Finland – click here to see where.