Growth and Development in Africa

Over the past 100 years, IBMers all over the globe have helped make the world work better and smarter. IBMers are leading business and technology experts, working with clients in all industries in the private and public sectors to tackle the world's biggest challenges. In Africa, we've been changing the way the continent does business for more than 50 years, and as our company continues to grow, we need more talented individuals like you

About this internship program

This is a program for people who are passionate about Africa and want to be a part of the transformation that’s taking place on the continent. Leading to Africa interns will participate in professional development activities, networking events, and executive engagements. As a result, they will connect with global IBMers, learn about the different roles, organizations, and opportunities at IBM, and have a better understanding of IBM’s strategy in Africa.

The Leading to Africa program is an important recruitment channel for our business in Africa, providing a short-term real world internship experience in Egypt, Kenya and South Africa. Students in this program have expressed interest in working in Africa if such a position is offered after completion of the internship program. Students are recruited for internship positions in the country of current studies. Complementing their internship role, planned experiences will be provided to increase their knowledge and connection to our business in Africa. Post degree completion, full-time opportunities represent all countries in Africa where IBM does business and has country hiring demand – focus countries include: Egypt, Kenya and South Africa.

What will you do?

The program recruits Developers, IT Architects, Project Managers, Researchers, Technical Sales and Client Service Delivery. IBM needs individuals with skills in a wide range of fields including: analytics, big data, business, cloud, computer science, economics, engineering, information technology, math, mobile, physics and sales. There are opportunities for undergraduates, masters, and PhD candidates.

This is the ideal intern opportunity for a passionate, enquiring mind who wants to grow through exposure in emerging markets.

How to apply

Visit our graduate careers page and in the search box enter “Leading to Africa” to see the available positions


Explore our opportunities and submit your resume online.

IBM uses behavioural-style interviewing to learn what you have accomplished and what skills you have.

Your skills and experience will be reviewed and if a potential match, one of our hiring team will invite you to interview.