IBM Middle East and Africa University

The IBM Middle East & Africa University Program is IBM’s premier training and certification initiative for academia in the Africa region, preparing students to succeed in demanding positions in the IT job market today.

The MEA University Program sees a remarkable alignment of African investments in ICT and the global technology trends. Top technologies that are driving the African ICT revolution to support an advanced business/enterprise environment are Mobile, Cybersecurity, Analytics and Cloud. These are the areas where the MEA University Program is investing and collaborating with regional universities to establish long-term partnerships. The objective of the program is to prepare students for a career in the IT industry and provide an environment for continuous technical update

MEA University Learning Portal

Through the MEA University Portal, a learning platform, students and faculty members access IBM Academic Roadmaps. The portal offers a unique mobile learning experience designed exclusively for students using comprehensive learning modules. The platform offers an engaging learning environment through self-assessment quizzes, progress tracking, and other interactive tools.

As part of the IBM MEA University Program, students will receive an Open Badge along with a certificate for their accomplishment. An Open Badge is a cross-industry digital recognition of technical skills which can be posted onto the earner’s social and professional networking sites. IBM Open Badges will provide students with significant benefits such as; digital recognition of credentials, recognition of industry aligned skills, a globally recognized standard, and internship/job opportunities at IBM.

What we’ve achieved so far

So far, the MEA University Program has reached out to 120 universities, trained 2,500 faculty members and 14,000 students in Africa. We are currently working with the regional IBM offices across Africa to recruit the MEA University alumni at IBM and its Business Partners and Customers. This year we hired 24 MEAU alumni, in departments respective to the skillset of our candidates.

Meet our Alumni

I thoroughly enjoyed my training for Business Analytics with the IBM MEA University program. My instructor was very supportive, and would encourage all of us to keep doing better. I believe the certification I’ve acquired will be valued by employers in the IT industry and so, will help me in my profession as an engineer wherever I go. The training helped me understand the relevance and demand of analytics in various industries today. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to kick start their career as an IT professional.

Mahmoud Magdy Thakeb