About us

With operations in 173 countries, an IBM global delivery role in the world's largest services skill pool allows you to take on challenging work that helps the world's forward-thinking companies make a difference. With a huge range of projects from reducing traffic congestion to speeding up the development of new pharmaceutical drugs, we're helping a whole range of clients improve the way they work.

If you're ready for change, then we'll help you make it.

And it's this variety that will give you the opportunity to enhance your working life too. We can offer you all the challenges and support you need to further your experience or develop new skills. As for the rewards, well they go far beyond an attractive benefits package. You'll also enjoy the knowledge that you're helping to secure a far better future for our planet.

Launched in 2008, the GDC in Egypt is located in a modern office park overlooking the Great Pyramids of Giza. Close to Asia, Africa and Europe and having strong business relationships with the US, Australia and Canada, the Egyptian GDC has strong government support and plays an important role in the booming IT sector of Northern Africa.

Additionally to offering a full range of IBM services, the GDC Egypt is also IBM's Center of Excellence for Embedded Systems and has a fast growing team of professionals with diversified skills. Some of the skills include:

Join us. Let IBM take your career where you want it to go.