What we offer


By joining IBM Denmark you will get to work with a large population of students from many different universities and with different job tasks and roles.

You will become a member of the student community and be invited to a number of both professional and social events. The student community is a great opportunity for you as a student to expand your business network and gain experience throughout your studies.

Beside the student community you will be invited to join the IBM Club Denmark. The club is a social club offering everything from discounted weekends away to theatre and theme park trips and in general a great opportunity to meet a wide range of your colleges.

Beside your monthly salary you will receive:

  • A laptop

  • Pension

  • Mentor program

  • Student community

  • IBM Club

University RelationsUniversity Relations

IBM has a strong tradition of research collaboration with academia in universities around the world. University Relations can help you advance your academic research, explore new opportunities, and connect with colleagues and programs worldwide

Your training & development

To be as visible and helpful as possible, we have a student employee – University Relations Ambassador - connected to five leading universities:

Copenhagen Business School Copenhagen Business School
University of Copenhagen University of Copenhagen
IT University of Copenhagen IT University of Copenhagen
Aarhus University Aarhus University
Technical University of Denmark Technical University

In University Relations we have offerings at different levels: On-site Collaboration; Skills – Academic Initiative; and University Awards.

On-site collaboration

As a general rule collaboration with IBM has infinite possibilities. We have great expertise and experience within:

Skills – Academic Initiative

The IBM Academic Initiative is a no-charge program providing educators with the training materials, curriculum guides, software and hardware needed to teach in-demand business and technology. IBM offers software product portfolio for free to faculty staff, and can be distributed to students. In addition we also offer sessions where experts presents some of our solutions, benefits and cooperation possibilities.

Read more at IBM Academic Initiative

University Awards

At IBM we offer several University Awards, supporting:

Read more at University Awards

Download our folder about University Relations: (PDF,482KB)

The Elite Student Program

IBM Denmark offers an opportunity to join our Elite Student Program. The program runs for a year, where the students face a diverse range of requirements and benefits. They receive a diploma and the previous Elite Students have gained great usefulness from the honor.
Below are five former Elite Students.

  • Alice Bayer

    Alice Bayer:

    Alice joined the IBM Global Sales Trainee Program September 2013, as part of the Collaboration Solutions Team in Denmark. “What has been very important for me, after the Elite Student Program is my network. The program gave me visibility in IBM Denmark, and that has definitely contributed to the election of me as Sales Trainee.

  • Jeppe Agerbæk Iversen

    Jeppe Agerbæk Iversen:

    Jeppe joined IBMs Graduate Program, in Business Analytics and Optimization. “At the beginning of the program, I took a personality inventory test and had a conversation with an HR Partner covering my soft skills. I have definitely benefited from that since, I was suddenly very much more aware of how I work and how I react in different situations.

  • Kasper Risbjerg

    Kasper Risbjerg:

    Kasper is going to IBM New York, where he is joining the Social Business Team. “The Elite Student Program has given me a variety of possibilities. I have expanded my network within IBM both with other student employees, but more helpful for my career, also at an executive level, who have worked as a reference for me applying for my new job in NY. Besides that we have an Elite Student Alumni with all the former Elite Students which is a very valuable network to have in the future”.

  • Oliver Adam Nyrop-Larsen

    Oliver Adam Nyrop-Larsen:

    Oliver is joining Google in Dublin, as Account Manager, Large Customer Sales. “During the program, we participated in different workshops, with an aim to learn more about IBM. I used the skills I gained about IBMs sales- and consultant departments, at the job interview at Google. I could also draw much benefit from the execute mentor I had during the Elite Student Program.

  • Christel Augsburg

    Christel Augsburg:

    Christel is assistant to the CFO at 4T Mobile Payments. “The elite student program has given me deeper insight both into IBM as a business and into my own wishes for a future career. Especially the Best Student Recognition Event and the business coach program were exciting and useful!

Support & Training

How we support you

Working as a student you’ll have a Task Manager who’ll help you with new tasks, manage your workload and give you the opportunity to get involved with new projects. You’ll be able to use your task manager to coach you on your ongoing development and your future career plans.

Your training & development

As a student you will get invited to an introduction course which will help you understand how IBM works and how we operate. Don’t worry, you’ll be in a good company – with a group of other student just started at the same time as you, and you will take part in valuable team building exercises, so this is a great chance to get to know each other.

After that, it’s all about 2 areas:

There are literally hundreds of courses available and it will be up to you to find the ones that are most appropriate and appealing to you.