Application process

Ok, so we’ve whetted your appetite and now you want to know what happens next. Questions are buzzing around your head... What are they looking for? How do I apply? What happens at the assessment centres?

In this section we’ll give you all the ‘must have’ information to help make your application to IBM successful.

The selection process

Our process has been designed not only for us to understand if you are right for us, but also for you to under- stand if we are right for you. So, take every opportunity you can to ask questions along the way. When applying for a graduate position we expect that you have completed a bachelor degree. Furthermore, it is required that you speak Danish in order to interact with our Danish clients.

STEP 1 – Submit your application

In order to apply to IBM, you will need to apply through our online application tool.

Follow the online application form, fill in your personal details as well as information about your education, and work experience. Please attach your CV, a cover letter along with your Graduate diploma. If you have not yet received your diploma, a transcript will be sufficient for now.

STEP 2 – Online test

If your application is successful through the initial screening phase then we will invite you to take an online logical test. If you are successful at this stage, your application will be fully screened by our recruitment and hiring managers.

The test focuses on logical reasoning and the ability to process information quickly. All the instructions are included in the email that will be sent to you inviting you to take the test.

The test itself is divided into three sections, however, you will only be asked to complete two of the three sections. You can choose to take these in either one or two sittings. You will have seven days to complete the two sections before your password expires.

STEP 3 – Assessment centre

If you achieve the required score in the online test, we’ll invite you to a selection day. You will be given a presentation about available opportunities with the chance to ask more questions and meet recently hired graduates and students. You can expect to take part in some or all of the following activities:

Group activity
This will either be logical problem solving or discussion based.

Individual activities
Depending on the role you have applied to, there will be individual tasks to perform.

For some roles, you will be given an interview as a part of the Assessment centre. You may only be given an interview if you have passed the other exercises on the day.

STEP 4 – Interview

For the majority of our roles, we’ll invite you in for one or more interviews. This is an opportunity for you to meet our business managers and to ensure the role we will potentially offer you is what you want, and also that you have the specific skills that we require.