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Consulting at IBM means you’ll be able to have a direct impact on the way the world works. Whether you’re helping a client re-engineer their Human Capital Management strategy, advising on a new SAP system, consulting on a new international move for a local company….or anything in between; whatever you do, will have a positive impact. It will help in some way to create a smarter planet for us all.

Our consultants help top-tier clients deal with their most complex business and technical issues. In business consulting, business analytics & optimization, business process design, systems integration and application design and management, our consultants transform the businesses of our clients by developing innovative solutions.

IT Specialist

IT Specialists represent IBM's ability to design, implement and maintain the complex solutions needed to solve our customers’ business problems.

IT Specialists are deployed across all of IBM's business units worldwide. Across these organisations, three broad client focus areas of IT Specialists are defined: services, technical sales, and technical support activities. IBM’s various business units require their employees to develop capabilities to satisfy their customer needs – client focus. As such an IT Specialist will need experiences and capabilities in three areas:


IBM didn't become the world's leading technology powerhouse by just creating great products. We got where we are by selling great solutions. That's where you come in. Not only are our salespeople lucky enough to sell some of the world's most innovative IT solutions, they get to do so in one of the most dynamic and complex industries in the world.

IBM Sales professionals are responsible for the business relationship between clients and IBM, for the sale and support of IBM solutions, services, products and offerings, including those from IBM Business Partners. They work collaboratively to provide solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. The roles may specialise by industry, customer set, channel, brand, solution or offering.

The IBM Sales Profession is the global home for all sellers in IBM, and is divided into five disciplines, focused on maintaining a unified profession of sellers and preserving those unique differences required for you to compete effectively. These five disciplines are:

The IBM Global Sales School has a well-earned reputation for serving the needs of advanced sales professionals as well as recently hired IBM sales professionals. And for those IBM sales people who demonstrate their value to IBM through sustained top performance, participation in IBM Sales Professional Certification is available.

IT Architect

The role of the IT Architect involves listening working with clients to understand their business requirements and define the structure of information technology solutions. As an IT Architect, you will assist clients on their hardware and software infrastructure and help them decide which platform is best for their applications. You may also lead the technical sales team in their proposal activity. There are roles that include Technical Sales Architects (which can be on a sales plan – see sales roles), or Test architects.

Most IT Architects begin their careers as IT Specialists, since the IT Specialist profession has entry and staff levels within which the aspiring technical person can acquire the skills and experience which are prerequisite for starting a career as an IT Architect.

Project Management

Project Management covers a broad range of roles that apply a variety of project management processes and tools. They are involved with leading projects and are accountable for their success. Some of their responsibilities include project scoping and planning, developing cost structure, tracking and reporting deliverables, and contract and risk management. Project Management roles can include Quality Assurance, Measurements and Reporting Analysts, software process improvement specialists, Project Office management, Project administration and many others.

The project management profession is one of several IBM global professions established to ensure availability and quality of professional and technical skills within IBM.

You will discover a variety of opportunities to move across job roles should you wish to develop your career in different skill areas. As an example, some of the more common cross job category moves from Project Management to advance your career include moves to Project Executive, Sales or IT Specialist.

Software Development

Working in Software Development, you will work at the heart of IBM’s software innovation and play a key role in many world-shaping technologies. IBM’s software group is one of the worlds most admired and innovative software makers. Our developers strive to ensure that the millions of people already using IBM software have the most reliable platforms available. While other software makers cling to yesterday's proprietary models, IBM is looking to tomorrow and championing the advancement of open source code. Join our world-class team of developers, engineers and consultants.

Business Operations

A number of job roles and business areas perform business operations, from Finance to Marketing, Human Resources to Legal.


Whether working as a generalist or specialist, Finance professionals can be involved in accounting, pricing, financial planning and forecasting, audit, business controls and analysis, investment analysis, funds management, cash planning, tax and other related activities. Finance opportunities cross both functions (for example, accounting to pricing) and business units (for example, software to services). Effective leaders, combine both deep technical knowledge and multiple functional experiences.


Within IBM, there are four marketing disciplines - Market Management, Market Intelligence, Integrated Marketing Communications and Marketing Operations. Any one of these disciplines help identify marketplace opportunities and implement strategies driving customer relevant offerings, supported by optimal routes-to-market, technical solutions and integrated marketing communications, processes and tools.

Human Resources

Human Resources professionals are responsible for employee engagement, productivity, and governance through a variety of roles. They are involved in designing, creating, implementing and supporting initiatives and policies that attract, develop, retain and motivate the best available workforce. Specific areas of responsibility include compensation, benefits, learning, talent management, recruitment, work force relations, employee well-being, diversity, acquisition and outsourcing management, and HR partner (generalist) support.


Our legal department has employees with professional legal training and experience, who are qualified to practice law. They provide advice and counselling on legal matters and business ethics, and conduct and direct litigation. Though the emphasis may differ from location to location, issues arise in many areas of law including commercial, communications, criminal, employment, environmental, general corporate, intellectual property, international, real estate and tax law. Roles within the IBM Law Department are only for suitably qualified and experienced lawyers.